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Skrufff Bites (2) ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 29, 2006


: Skrufff Bites (2)


Praise The Lord: San An Stamina: Broken Beats: Cut Above: Rotten Ravers: Black Death

"Offenders from Britain are easy to spot because they usually all wear the same coloured T-shirts and hats. Last week a couple sneaked into the grounds of the Rose Basilica and became very amorous in a very holy place. It's not the kind of thing other pilgrims want to see.” (Daily Telegraph)

A French cop from notoriously violent riot police the CRS explains why they’re cracking down on young Brits partying too hard at France’s holy shrine at Lourdes.


"The part of the problem is that the party is non-stop. It's difficult to keep going if you don't take drugs." (Guardian)

San Antonio town spokesman, Juan Pantaleoni explains why the Ibiza resort has introduced a 6am club curfew this summer.


“The sound is sexy in a subtle way, it bounces like booty breaks does. I think a kind of late night minimal booty would be the word for it.” (Fabric press release)

Dom from Stanton Warriors invents a new genre.


"When he took the kids swimming he wore a bikini. I knew we had to divorce." (Sunday Mirror)

Catherine Everett, recalls the final straw after discovering he husband of 7 years Stephen was embarking on a sex change without telling her.


“Rave parties, easy access to drugs and drinks have all contributed to this tragic mess pool called Goa. We allow rotten outsiders to come and spoil us and in turn we have become rotten.” (Goa Herald)

An editorial in the Goa Herald blasts imported depravity in the Indian holiday resort.


"Analyses of tree-ring proxy climate data shows that conditions during the period of the Black Death (1280-1350) were both warmer and increasingly wet. The same was true during the origin of the Third Pandemic (1855-1870) when the climate was wetter and underwent an increasingly warm trend.” (BBC)

A new study suggests global warming could spark a worldwide resurgence of bubonic plague sometime soon.




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