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UK Rave Wars - The Battle Intensifies ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 18, 2006

Littlehampton police issued a letter to a free party organiser this week
warning him that he¹ll receive an ASBO (anti-social behaviour order) if he
hosts any more parties and also seized a soundsystem as revellers tried to
set up an event in Blakehurst, near Arundel.
Local residents reportedly spotted unusual vehicles in the area last
Saturday night and called the cops, who busted the party before any music
was played.
"The people who selfishly set up these raves do so because they think they
have a right to party where they want, but they don't", inspector Mark
Hammond told local newspaper the Littlehampton Gazette,
"We have a good intelligence system being developed, complemented by the
sophisticated Farm Watch system being used by the police, dedicated local
neighbourhood specialist team officers working in the community,² he added.
"And an active Rave Watch working group with the local farms and
In more rave crackdown news, three revellers who were caught up in a violent police raid on an outdoor party near Saffron Walden on the Bank Holiday weekend, accused police of over-reacting at a local police community consultation meeting.
"How can you justify sending 200 police officers to a field where people are
listening to music? There was no need for riot police to come in and start
beating people," Sam Tuxworth, 22, told District Commander Graham Stubbs, adding that some ravers had been attacked when trying to help girls who'd fallen during the raid.
"I have been to raves 10 times the size of that and I have never seen that
many police going in that heavy-handed. There was not a riot until the riot
police turned up," he added.
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