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Ozzy's Son Ditches the Decks ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 18, 2006

Ozzy Osbourne's son Louis has given up DJing and enrolled in law school,
according to a report in this week¹s edition of British legal magazine The
The 31 year old former public schoolboy who also recently got married,
carved a career for himself mainly in the States and chatting to Skrufff
four years ago admitted he felt more comfortable DJing outside the UK.
"I've always said that I would go wherever my work is and I've always put
myself about. I've played in Australia, most of Europe, Ibiza, and tried to
break the American market and there's where the hooks have caugh," he
"Britain is so over-saturated with DJs that often you need to go further
afield to progress with what you want to do and in fact I've always found
that the further you go away from home the more interest you create around
yourself. That¹s the way it has worked out for me, anyway. Surely I could do
the same here, despite this being a very competitive market place, it¹s just
a matter of putting the time into it, but ultimately you take the
opportunities that you¹re given. My opportunities have fallen elsewhere."
He also demonstrated a cautious side at odds with the uncertainties his DJ
lifestyle carried, when asked what advice his Father had shared.
"I was worried about the possible recession that might have followed 11/9
last year and he said 'In times of war or hardship, people always want to be
fed and always want to be entertained', " he said. (Vampire bats: OUsing their
sharp teeth, the bats make tiny cuts in the skin of a sleeping animal. The
bats' saliva contains a chemical that keeps the blood from clotting. The
bats then lap up the blood that oozes from the wound. Another chemical in
their saliva numbs the animal's skin and keeps them from waking up . . .") (British Vampire
folklore: A few places in Britain will now forever be associated with
Dracula, especially Whitby with its gothic abbey ruins, the place where
Dracula came ashore as a black hound. Stoker had probably heard about the
black dog that was supposed to haunt the cliffs of Whitby and utilised the
legend for his novel . . .") (Psychic Vampires: Oanyone who exploits a lover, spreads malicious rumors, ruins a reputation, or betrays a trusted friend is a psychic vampire . . .")
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