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Gay Bashed Drag Star Preaches Forgiveness ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 18, 2006

New York club icon Kevin Aviance, who was recently brutally beaten by gay bashers in the East Village, said this week that the experience has left him traumatised though also unusually motivated.
"Every day it is a bit of a struggle because you might be physically OK, but
there is a lot of mental stuff that comes with it - panic attacks, sweaty
palms and anxiety," the Junior Vasquez collaborator told the Hartford
Courant newspaper.
"It (being attacked) has totally changed me. It's absolutely empowered me
like nothing in my life. I never had a reason before. I really believe that
love is the only thing that is going to battle this whole thing. I beg you,
if you have a problem with somebody, talk it out. No need for anyone to put
hands on anybody."
His views failed to impress transgender Jackie promoter/ DJ Caitlin, 28,
(aka avant-garde performer Miss Cunty) at least concerning London, where
she¹s been viciously assaulted on numerous occasions as well as ostracized
by both gays and straights.
"I'm not sure I agree with Kevin's simplistic approach, for me the issue is
about lack of community," said Caitlin.
"In places like New York and Madrid there is a great transgender sense of
community, but here in London we are shunned by gay men and have to be very selective about the straight venues we attend. The trans community is one based on fear of being outed and monotonous sex behind closed doors with curious hetero men," she explained.
"Trans women in London need to establish a better bond and recognition of
each other as suffragettes of the same plight instead of abasing each other
for fear that two trannies are easier to spot than one," she continued.
"The tranny scene is shady and lonely, in the gay scene you're a token freak
and in the straight world we are tolerated at best; there needs to be a wake
up call along the line for women in our position to say 'hey we are human
and we are sisters.'

"I have been attacked five times, once having my teeth smashed and once
jumping over a balcony in a block of flats to flee for my life as the
attacker had a knife. When I was sixteen I was jumped by 20 youths who found out I was male," Caitlin added.
"All these events made me shave my head, stop taking hormones and go back to living the male way, then the depression and the anger and discomfort with my body came back making me very unhappy.
"The conclusion I¹ve reached is that I need to live as who I am to be stable
even though this means encountering danger form small minded people. I have no fear anymore, but I don¹t think this is the last time I will attacked.
Only now I know they can break my bones but they will never break my spirit to live as myself again," she said.
Dead Or Alive star Pete Burns also found his fluid gender identity causing
him problems this week when he tried to join a local gym. According to
London Lite, Burns has been rejected for membership three times by Holmes Place, "because staff don¹t know which changing room to assign him to."
Caitlin (working as Miss Cunty) DJs at Studio Neon, London on October 4.
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