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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 18, 2006

: Skrufff Bites (1)
Fallen Angel: Because the Knight: Hard Cheese: Musclebound: Barking Mad
"I can see that song being played at clubs for years to come." (Metro, UK)
Boyband karaoke king Robbie Williams remains humble about his new 'dance' single Rude Box.
"Commitment is vital. I believe in putting all that you know into what
you're doing, whether it's gardening, presenting a beautiful meal or
producing a mathematical equation." (Guardian)
Original punk poetess Patti Smith outlines her philosophy of life.
"Hard house? I try not to make judgments about things I don¹t understand.
But it is too fast, isn't it?" (One Week To Live)
Electro-house type Mike Monday is mean about hard dance.
"The media have been criticised for feting skinny supermodels and putting
too much pressure on women. But now it¹s the turn of young men, especially
those on the nightclub scene." (Guardian)
Lifeline drugs expert Duncan Craig warns that explosive growth rates in
steroid use mean British clubland could soon be awash with muscle marys.
"Some youths have been buying them and parading them in public." (Observer)
A spokesman from Saudi Arabia¹s notorious Islamic police enforcers the
Muttawa explains why they¹re issued a ban on the sale of cats of dogs.
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