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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 25, 2006

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California Dreaming: Suited & Booted: Drugs Don’t Work: No Rave: Rapturous Reception

“California is getting violent again. All people have to do is go; ‘Well, if the President’s not going to obey the law, why should I? Fuck this, if the cops aren’t going to obey the law, why should I.” (One Week To Live)

DJ Shadow worries about the lack of positivity in West Coast hip hop.


“Word from the bouncers is that well-fitted, nice-looking clothing is a must. No too-baggy jeans, scuffed tennis shoes or twisted baseball caps. My best advice? Lose the necktie after work, put on a fresh shirt and wear the tie-less biz suit."       (Miami Herald)

Miami Herald club critic James H Burnett 111 serves  up sartorial tips for fitting in at Manhattan superclub Crobar.


“I think the quality's gone down. All they do is try and take the high out of everything. I don't like the way drugs now are working on your brain area instead of just through the blood stream. That's why I don't take any of them anymore." (Q Magazine)

Rolling Stones drug champion Keith Richards complains that modern drugs don’t work.


“I’m bored of retro music and I’m bored of rave music really. AYCE is much more dynamic and fresh than that.” (Time Out)

All You Can Eat/ London club kid impresario Warboy disowns ‘neo-rave’.


“51% is about the music, the other 49% is personality behind the decks, and that determines what a good DJ is.” (Base.Ad)

Judge Jules outlines the qualities required for DJ success.


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