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DJ GRH Recordings Touches Down on Trackitdown.Net!

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 26, 2006


After only 6 months, ‘DJGRH Recordings’ has seen four superb releases that had found their way to the record boxes (or in this case, CD wallets!) of many-a-bedroom and professional DJ.

Superb collaborations with the likes of Paul Maddox, Tik Tok, Chrysus and Lee Pasch have been greatly received – and lead Gary (DJGRH) to step up the label – and its distribution.

Heavy-hitting tracks such as ‘Detour’, ‘Punk Chick’ and ‘Live For The Danger’ have not only featured on mainstream Tidy albums, but are now available via Trackitdown!

Following the success of these tracks (and Gary’s recent collaboration with MDA & Spherical (“Illusion”) that climbed to the top of the TrackitDown charts), Gary now plans to release material from the likes of Ugly Dave, Karim, Liam Melly, AJ Hutch, Andy Rise, Bonzo, Sully, Charlie G, DJ Lusty and Scott Fo-Shaw – with some of the tracks already getting great support from the likes of Eddie Halliwell and Judge Jules, to name but a few.

Opting for quality about quantity, Gary recently noticed the severe abundance of excellent hard dance material and told TrackItDown : “…. I took a step back and thought – ‘…why choose between the two?’ There is quality AND quantity out there, so why should I hold back? I decided to take the label to the next phase after a couple of very successful dates in Europe and, having been able to sit down and really take the time to all the stuff I get bombarded with on MSN, noticed a hell of a lot of material that just oozes appeal…..”

Expect a lot more from Gary and ‘DJGRH Recordings’ over the next few weeks / months!....”