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Trade Birthday - Sat 28th October 2006 @ Turnmills, London

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 2, 2006

TRADE – The Birthday

Destination: Planet Trade

Trade presents an out of this world experience celebrating 16 cosmic years of the original Afterhours!

Get ready for launch and strap yourself in tight as the Mothership Turnmills transports you to the distant world of "Planet Trade" - a place of wild excess at the centre of the clubbing universe.

Meet the curious inhabitants of this strange planet - drawn by its powerful and mystical gravitational pull. Your musical journey into this far away galaxy is provided by the fierce rulin’ DJs

It’s guaranteed to leave you seeing stars!

Remember to collect your commemorative gift as you board the Mothership for the ride of your life.

- our masters of music, time and motion. With mind-blowing visuals and a whole host of weird and wonderful creatures to entertain, Planet Trade is an out of this world trip you won’t want to miss…

Featuring the fierce rulin’ Trade DJs:

Fat Tony, Gonzalo, Guy Williams, Kelly Marie, Lady Bianca, Lisa German, Malcolm Duffy,

Pete Wardman, Steve Thomas & Tyron. JOY on Percussion

Crash host the third dance floor featuring Brent Nichols, Mikey D and Paul Heron

Saturday Night Sunday Morning 28th October 2006

5:00am til Super Late @ Turnmills 63b Clerkenwell Road EC1


Advance Q jump tickets available online from

Prowler, Clone Zone, Trax & The Box

Early Bird Advance Tickets £15 until 15th October 2006 only from

General Advance Tickets £18, Members £12 (Available from Prowler)

LIMITED tickets available on the door & selected outlets:

For further information or artwork please contact Trade:

+44 (0)7817 959 322

The clocks change on Sunday Morning, but Trade will still open at 5am "British Summer Time" (Old time) …so don’t change your watch until you leave.