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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 2, 2006

“There are so many people who can’t go to a club without doing a pill and this is not what clubs are about. Clubs are about fun, I agree, but they’re not about forcing yourself to have a pill.” (Mixmag)

Laurent Garnier explains why he gave up ecstasy in the early 90s.


“As a DJ you always have to be looking round the corner because you can’t be a DJ ‘til you’re 60 or 70- although some DJs who are still around are getting that way now.” (3D World)

Ex Sheffield Wednesday football player turned Gatecrasher resident turned law graduate turned solo trance globe-trotter DJ Matt Hardwick admits he likes to plan ahead.


“Harry’s one of the lads. They might have gone a bit far but people were laughing about it afterwards. No-one was hurt and there was never any danger.” (News Of The World)

A royal ‘source’ condones Prince Harry’s behaviour after the hooligan toff wrecked a friend’s birthday party by drunkenly throwing three smoke bombs into a crowded marquee.


“The hard dance scene is not doing as well as it used to. There used to be more tracks of a high standard out. The sound has changed, evolved in a way but it’s not like it used to be.” M(3D World)

Eddie Halliwell distances himself from hard house.


“There was an article about them I read which just seemed to be about them being managed by the same people who manage U2. I just thought, 'Why do I want to know that?' That's not what music's about.” (NME)

Jarvis Cocker criticises The Rapture for being over-career orientated.


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