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Metrosexual Basher Bashed ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 9, 2006

Australian ex-politician Mark Latham, who last week branded Australian men ‘nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and toss-bags’ received a critical mauling in the press this week, largely over his new status as a house-husband looking after his kids.

“The great worry is that in his forced retirement to home parenting he may see personal publishing as a new career,” said Piers Akerman in a piece titled ‘Half wit wisdom of failed intellect’.

“Let's hope the stay-at-home father doesn't follow this up with Mark Latham's

Best Recipes or Gardening Tips.” (Daily Telegraph).

Sex discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward instead lambasted him for previously branding female journalists who criticized him as 'skanky hoes', while UK columnist Zoe Williams pulled him up for using ‘metrosexual’ as an insult.

“When people call men ‘metrosexual’ what they mean is: ‘those big cities are full of gays. Those gays are diluting proper men with their gayness,” she wrote in the Guardian. “Either that or it is a statement about the Paris transport system.”

Ironically, seminal real men’s magazine Playboy was branded as fully in touch with its feminity since its 70s origins, by US sociology professor James Beggan from the University of Louisville, this week.

"If you look at the magazine even in the early days, there were features on decorating your apartment, cooking, buying nice clothes, buying wine," the Professor pointed out to the Washington Post.

"I think that they've always been ahead of their time in advocating what later becomes known as the 'metrosexual identity.' Society has caught up with Playboy's view," he added.


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