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Skrufff Bites (2) - Skrufff Top 5 ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 9, 2006

“Try never to make disparaging remarks about any pet; you will be viewed with extreme suspicion. I have concluded that ill-treating a dog or any other pet in England is a crime far worse than uxorcide (wife-killing).” (Sunday Times)

A Hindu journalist advises Indians visiting London to remember that Brits are unusually attached to their animals.


“I started with house music, I went tribal techno and now I can say I play more minimal techno. I can say that I’ve never really been going through trends. But the old crowd seems to accept the new sound- when I’m sampling minimal, it doesn’t mean I’m sampling boring minimal.” (Fabric press release)

Italian tech type Marco Carola protests just a little too much about his latest style minimal.


“In Italy, the first sexual experience is ranked positively by 48.7 percent of males and by 38.6 percent of females.” (Chicago Sun Times)

The Sun Times sheds light on not so super Italian stallions.


“There was a whole mystique of Prince being moody and difficult but in fact he was just a deeply shy guy. We used to have a phone in the office that was just for him, a sort of Bat-Phone. If it rang it was Prince and the only people who could answer it were me and Chris (Poole).” (Guardian)

Top UK music PR Alan Edwards recalls working with Prince in the early 90s.


“I came to the conclusion-and this is going to sound fucked up- but a lot of people hate me because they wish they had my records.” (DJ Magazine)

DJ Shadow dismisses all his critics as ’35 year old internet obsessives in New Jersey’.


“It has been estimated that one in 10 Australian men has worn women's clothes.”(Chicago Sun-Times)

A compendium of sex facts highlights the millions of Australian men who enjoy cross-dressing.

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Skrufff Top 5 (278):

1: Lily Allen: LDN (Switch Mix)


Super-genius Switch does it again, transforming mediocre Brit celebrity Lily Allen’s latest product into a take-no-prisoners, hard as nails, electro-hip-hop-tech type monster. Softies will tremble with terror.

2: Pet Shop Boys: Psychological (Ewan Pearson mix)


Fresh from sprucing and producing the Pet Shop Boys, Berlin based Brit uber producer sprinkles some magic over the Pet Shop Boys, transforming Psychological into an acid based noir-ish thriller, that’s dark, sinister and suitably late night.

3: Stephen Bondzin- Pendulum


Germany’s acclaimed producer Stephen Bondzin takes a decidedly techno turn, twisting bleeps, handclaps and a heavy rumbling bassline together, with a repetitive yet refreshing slant. Flipside  Silhouette is more stripped down and minimal (ish).

4: Ichundu: Hey Master


Tiefschwarz adopt their alter ego Ichundu to launch their brand new label Souvenir with Hey Master, a decidedly sparse tune that’s moody, melancholic and decidedly minimal (though engaging in a subtle kind of way). 

5: Mercury Rev: Back To Mine (Album Of The Week)

(DMC Recordings)

Indie/ rock 90s heroes Mercury Rev deliver the latest selection for acclaimed oldies/ favourites series Back To Mine, proving their unerring instinct for quality cheese via Terry Jacks’ masterfully deceptive ode to suicide Seasons In The Sun. Other standout tracks including Billie Holliday’s ‘I’m A Fool To Want You’, George Jones’ country ballad The Grand Tour and their own tour de force Cecilia’s Lunar Expose’ highlight an impressively eclectic interesting selection. (To hear these tunes, tune into the Skrufff Show on Ministry Of Sound Radio, every Sunday from 20.00-22.00 GMT +1)

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