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London Club Shootings- Turnmills NOT Under Closure Threat (Correction) ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 9, 2006

London Club Shootings- Turnmills NOT Under Closure Threat

This week’s Skrufff story ‘London Shootings Prompt Police Threat To Shut Clubs’ implied that Islington police are actively considering closing Turnmills, based on comments by Detective Inspector Lorraine Dillon which appeared in the Islington Gazette.

Inspector Dillon was quoted by the Gazette as saying that ‘if the situation in Islington continued to get worse they may be left with no option but to close down clubs’ in an article which referenced recent shootings at the Egg, Carling Academy Islington, the Scala, the Orleans nightclub and an incident outside Turnmills, though she didn’t herself mention any venues by name.

Turnmills chief Danny Newman told Skrufff his venue is not being threatened with closure and said they’ll be participating in a ‘Clubwatch’ seminar with police this Thursday, aimed at addressing the escalating gun violence.

“After 20 years of successfully operating in Islington, Turnmills have excellent relations with the local police and have together helped establish safer clubbing guidelines throughout the capital,” said Danny.

“We’ll by fully participating in this week’s Clubwatch seminar and doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our clubbers,” he said.

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