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Ewan Pearson Anxiously Awaits The Rapture ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on October 16, 2006

Scotsman-in-Berlin uber-producer/ dance culture theorist Ewan Pearson chatted to Skrufff this week about his role co-producing the Rapture’s new album ‘Pieces Of The People We Love’ and revealed that he’s surprisingly open to Biblical style End time philosophies.

“On a macro-level we're living in the gloomiest times there's ever been when you consider global politics and they way we're rushing headlong into an environmental catastrophe, though on a micro / personal level I'm as happy and content as I've ever been in my life,” said Ewan

“Fiddling while Rome burns; like a lot of people, I guess,” he added.

His relaxed demeanor differed markedly from his attitude several weeks ago when he sent out an urgent email to friends and contacts begging them to go and buy multiple copies of the Rapture’s (excellent) recent single Get Myself Into It.

“Hopefully you lot realize that I don't normally do this kind of thing, and I'm squirming as I write this,” Ewan admitted, “And it may sound hokey, but I care more about this record than anything I've been involved with in my career so far,”

This week, he explained his motives for the mail, telling Skrufff ‘I care about this record because they are a great band, with great songs, and I think they made a joyous, undeniable record which deserves to be a bloody great hit.”

“And for me it was my first real big production job, some of the hardest work of my life and also some of the most fun. I'm proud of it and I'm proud of them,” he added.

The electro-house star worked on the album with Paul Epworth and said their producer role was hands-on rather than advising from the background.

“‘Producing' is a nebulous term because it various so much from job to job and person to person; sometimes you're a technician and sometimes you're another musician, whereas with "Pieces of the People We Love" it meant firstly listening to the demos, and making suggestions about which songs to work on,” he said.

“In this case we were lucky enough to have 25 good songs to pick from, but there were some that Paul and I really liked that the band and the label had overlooked. In fact, both "Get Myself Into It" and the next single "Woo! Alright Yeah Uh Huh" might have been overlooked if we hadn't got excited about them at the demo stage and suggested that they should come up the order.

And then it's just the small matter of recording them, suggesting other ideas for parts and arrangements, and then editing and adding to all that and trying to make some kind of sense of it. But of course there are a million other jobs in there too; cheerleading, analyzing, placating, distracting and entertaining. And you're always working whereas when the guys have finished their stuff they can go and watch Gilmore Girls or the baseball,” said Ewan.

Pieces Of The People We Love is out now on Universal. (add your own pictures to the site)

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