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Reported by Jess @ Trackitdown on November 3, 2006

The Riot! office and studio has been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of entries to this exclusive remix competition. With so many great entries it's been impossible to choose just one winner!

"I wanted a producer to do something different with my record and that's what I got - in spades!" says BK. "Thanks to everyone who made the effort. It's amazing to see just how much talent there is out there and it gives us all great hope for the future..."

Over 500 bedroom producers were sent the parts and over 200 sent in CD's. These came from Brazil, Russia, Australia, Scandinavia, Canada and beyond and it really shows just how global the electronic music production scene has become. As requested by BK, we received a raft of styles from electro to drum & bass and everything in between.

"In terms of feedback, I'd really like to give credit to everyone who tried to do something different. The samples provided weren't specific to hard dance and my brief was to try and do something fresh and many of you really rose to the challenge - top marks!" says BK.

"Despite the fact that some of you had to finish the remix and then post it on CD from half way around the world in time for the deadline, it didn't seem to phase a lot of entrants so well done. In the professional world of production, quite often a remix will come in at the last minute and deadlines have to be adhered to."

It wasn't possible to pick one winner so we picked four different styles of remix;

1) Jay B & Kriptos - hailing from Rio in Brasil these guys delivered a great funky techno workout.
2) The Original DJ Lace - Bouncy German-influenced hard dance.
3) Yuriy & Leonid - Not one but TWO electro-house remixes from Russia with love!
4) Systembot - Australian trance remix.

Links to all of these great remixes are available on

Each of these winners are now working of a future solo release on Riot! Recordings and we're happy to welcome them to our ever growing family of producers! BK will be working with them to produce something really special... we are really excited about the prospect of bringing through the next generation.

BK is currently working on an artist album for Spring 2007 which will knock your socks off! At the moment the plan is to have one disk of brand new original tracks and collaborations and another disk recorded live containing a set of his most classic moments. This will be accompanied with an international tour to celebrate the future sound of the scene so we look forward to seeing you all on the road again.

Keep your eyes peeled on for information on this and all our other activities.