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9 Out Of 10 Brit Blokes Are Bad In Bed ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on November 20, 2006

Times sex columnist Dr Thomas Stuttaford offered sobering advice to a woman concerned about her husband’s unimaginative love-making abilities this week, urging her to take solace from a ten year old survey which asked randomly selected women how many men they thought were good lovers.

“None of the women thought that more than one in three men could be described as good in bed," the Doctor explained, “Some of them, who might be described as more than averagely sexually experienced, concluded that about only one man in ten was a good lover.”

The shocking statistics appeared as award winning (female) Brit sex blogger turned best selling author Abby Lee (aka Zoe Margolis) announced she is moving to New York after becoming seriously disillusioned with shy British blokes.

"I find Englishmen's half-hearted approach to dating so tiresome," the 33 year old writer of best selling treatise ‘Girl With a One-Track Mind: Confessions of the Seductress Next Door’ told Reuters.

"The only way Englishmen can relate to women is when they're drunk. I've met some really open-minded guys in the U.S., where in England there is much more of a laddish, soccer culture,” she complained

In more British dysfunctional sex news, the Telegraph ran an in-depth feature on the growing phenomenon of asexuality this week, quoting another 10 year old survey which suggested over 500,000 Brits could be closet celibates.

"Asexuality is not something that needs curing and it's nothing new,” sex psychologist Petra Boynton told the paper.

“In fact, it's something that sex researchers have been aware of for some time. The reason it hasn't been investigated more is that asexuals are not the ones that cause issues. If you're not having sex and that doesn't trouble you, then that's completely fine,” she pointed out.

No Sex Links (Totally safe for work!!!): (Sex may be hazardous to your health: '"Fainting, vomiting, involuntary urination and defecation have been noted as occurring in some young men after their first coitus... Lesions of various organs, even rupture of the spleen, have sometimes taken place . . .') (SWAMI CHIDANANDA :

'Man is a mixture of three ingredients: first, an animal with all the physical propensities and sense urges that one shares in common with animals; second, the rational, logical human level; and third, the dormant Divinity, the sleeping God within. The whole of the spiritual life is a gradual elimination, eradication, of the animal within . . .') (Antisexual stronghold:  'Sex is similar to drugs, both in physical and social effects. It places primitive instincts higher than intellect, a human being - a sentient being - turns into a primitive animal. The system of priorities suffers deformation. This leads to many nasty perversions of all kinds, including socially dangerous ones . . .’)

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