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Keoki’s Crystal Clear Message- Just Say No! ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on November 27, 2006

New York club kid turned superstar tech/ electro DJ Keoki issued a blood-curdling warning this week aimed at people tempted to dabble with crystal meth, in his online blog on Myspace.

“If you think you are strong enough to resist addiction or have friends who use say they are; get this; it’s not about being weak or strong it’s about being smart or dumb,” Keoki declared.

“Meth burns your brain cells out and if your brain cells are being burned then you cut your chances of being smart enough to quit every time you inhale, snort, slam or ingest.”

Admitting he’d used Meth himself, Keoki talked in graphic detail about some of the amphetamine’s ultra-extreme side effects such as ‘a mucus that builds up in the face that gets so bad your eyes cry slime’ and even suggested US authorities could be involved in the supply of rogue batches.

“Meth has become a plague in our country and the world, I beg everyone and anyone who uses it to please do whatever it takes to get help,” he pleaded, “If you don’t use but are curious about trying it and think you can control this drug; forget about it. Run away and stay away from meth,” he advised.

Oliver Chessler aka The Horrorist, who collaborated with Keoki on a track several years ago, told Skrufff he became addicted after a drug dealing next-door neighbour tempted him into smoking a hit, after he’d drunkenly complained about the neighbour’s noise.

“The fucked up thing was, a few days later, he knocked on my door, met my wife Julie and said ‘I’ve got a present for you guys’ and handed me a bag of crystal. We did it, had sex for five days and ended doing it regularly for a year after that,” he confessed.

Nowadays totally clean and based in Berlin after completing rehab in New York, Oliver revealed he’d gained 35 pounds in the 12 months he did meth (‘you never stop drinking’) and lost control in a way he’d never experienced before.

“I never thought I had a drug problem before crystal, I was having fun, I was in my early 20s and at the time I had big hit records, plenty of money and there was no problem,” he continued.

“If you do crystal and you have sex with somebody you’re never going to stop doing it, there’s no way. Why would you? You’re like ‘let’s stay in Heaven’. It’s kind of like cocaine without the effect wearing off and without you feeling disgusting, you just feel great,” he added.

“And that’s the bad thing, there’s no bad part of crystal when you’re high. With cocaine you start paying the price five minutes after doing the line, you’re like ‘fuck, this sucks, give me another’. With ecstasy, you’re on one day then crying the next but crystal is like five days up, five days down, it’s warped,” said Oliver.

The Horrorist’s Crystal Links: (NYCMA - Crystal Meth Anonymous New York) (Realization Center New York - A very good place to get sober) (NA Berlin)

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