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Indian Jail Hell Continues For Daisy ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on January 8, 2007

English backpacker Daisy Angus, who was sentenced to 10 years in an Indian jail when airport customs officers discovered 10kg of cannabis in her case four years ago, is to launch an appeal, he mother announced this week.

"She is looking well, still holding on in that hell of a place. Her transfer to Puna's jail has been very hard and stressful for her,” Nadine Angus told the Dorset Daily Echo.

"The conditions are very tough and degrading there so it has taken her some time to get adjusted to her new surroundings and abide by the new and stricter rules."

The 26 year old former fitness instructor was moved to Puna Prison last summer and has since been allowed just one ten minute visit a month, prisoner’s support group Foreign Prisoner Support Service (FPSS) revealed in September.

“Daisy's limited belongings were again taken away from her upon her arrival to Puna Prison, including her mat to sleep on,” FPSS added.

“She is the only European detained in Puna but there are two others who speak English that are detained in the same building. Daisy is closely monitored like everyone else and has not been ill-treated as far as we know,” they said.

Daisy previously shared cell space in Mumbai's Byculla District Prison with Australian Kelly Trueman, 24, who was also caught at Mumbai airport with kilos of cannabis, in June 2006. Ms Trueman remains on remand in Byculla currently and wrote movingly of Daisy on her website when the English girl was convicted.

“By far the hardest thing I have had to deal with was watching one of my closest friends (Daisy), get sentenced to 10 years . . . wow . . . one thing about me is that when I see someone else in trouble, upset or hurting, it hurts me  too, a lot!!!,” Kelly wrote.

“Watching Daisy go through this really crushed my heart!  . . . Not only this, it also smashed my faith in my intuition, in signs, positive and manifestation as I truly thought she would go free.  It showed me that I can’t rely on my all important and most valuable and necessary intuition, that I can just fool myself into believing something to be true.  I didn’t know what to think anymore, so scared for myself,” she added.

Both girls’ circumstances appeared relatively favourable to Indonesia jail girl Australian Schapelle who this week faced being moved from Bali’s Kerobokan jail to the reportedly much tougher Sukun Women's Prison at Malang, East Java.

The former beauty student is currently 2 years into a 20 year sentence, also for pot smuggling, and wrote in her recently published biography ‘My Story’ that one of her greatest anxieties was being transferred.

“I live in fear that any day I could be plucked from my cell … and taken to another prison in a remote part of Indonesia,” she said, adding ‘guards relish threatening me with being moved from here, as part of their ongoing campaign of mental abuse”.

"They'll often say: 'White monkey, we move you tonight’, “ Schapelle said. (Kelly Trueman; make donations here) (‘No toiletries, clothes or even food can be brought into the prison during visiting sessions or at any other time. For this reason, please send any parcels including books, magazines and photos to the British Deputy High Commission. Letters can still be sent directly to Daisy at the prison:

Daisy Angus

c/o Catherine Cleeve,

British Deputy High Commission

Maker Chambers IV,

222, Jamnalal Bajaj Road,

Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021, India

The British Embassy will hand these items to Daisy at their next consular visit. Be sure that any items sent to the High commission are sealed and tamper-proof.’)

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