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M-Field 'Current Of Life' (PsyBooty Records) - Out Now on Trackitdown!

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on January 22, 2007

M-Field 'Current Of Life'

Label: PsyBooty Records

Release Date: January 2007


1- Foundation
2- Current Of Life
3- Progressive Evolution
4- Morphotronic

5- Punctuated Equilibrium
6- Conceptual Thought
7- Unified Theory
8- World Soul
9- Memory Traces


PsyBooty Records of San Francisco has been sculpting the face of the American progressive psy scene recently, and its latest release by one of their foremost artist projects, M-Field, pushes even their envelope. "Current of Life", M-Field's latest collection of funky four on the floor grooves, draws from all flavors of house, trance, and tribal world beats and will be sure to heat the senses of beat enthusiasts from clubland dancefloors and outdoor massives to home stereo systems and headphones alike this winter. The artists of M-Field put a lot of emotional and intellectual involvement into their sounds, and have been tearing it up at parties and studios from one coast to the other, and "Current of Life" is the apotheosis of their collective experiences. M-Field's and PsyBooty's album is a must listen... fresh, raw, and emotive, "Current of Life" is an electro-spiritual treat not to be passed up!

© Axis Mundi, Sept 2006

The “M-Field” project began with the chance meeting of two like-minded individuals, Jay (aka Indigom / Alpha Channel) and Rob (aka Rob-ot), at a loft party in Boston, Massachusetts in early 2004. A week later at D-Space Studios in Connecticut, their first track was born. “Focus” was a song born out of pure inspiration, which dropped jaws on DJs and dance floors from New York to Boston, and eventually ended up in the hands of PsyBooty Records. "Focus" was granted a slot on PsyBooty's second compilation, “ServeEm2wice.” The two realized that they worked very well together, and moments thereafter, "M-Field" was born. Individually, Jay and Rob bring very deep and unique levels of ability and musical talent to the table. Between the two of them, they have been producing progressive psytrance since 2000.  Jay initially worked with friend Steve Fava (aka Equisol) in the project D-Space (as released on Soular Records), and solo as Alpha Channel and Indigom. Since then, Jay's hard work on the seminal Psytrance and Downtempo Internet radio stream Goablaze / Chill Ambience since 1999 as well as extensive M-Field bookings and shows across the Northeast states and San Francisco have helped M-Field refine their sound and the musical messages they deliver. In addition to the M-Field project, Rob collaborates with Random as RandomRobot (mental yin/yang full-on) and Chromatone (the funky-full-prog-on). Together, the collective musical knowledge and experiences they have gathered and shared have allowed them to create one of the most raw, ethereal, emotive progressive psy-trance albums to hit the North America trance scenes lately. As representatives of the burgeoning trance scene in North America, M-Field and their album "Current of Life" is sure to be highly sought after by club and outdoor DJs and trance enthusiasts in North America and across the globe.