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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on February 23, 2007

German label Great Stuff unveiled new mixes of Soft Cell’s Torch this week, just as Audi kicked off an ultra-sophisticated marketing campaign with a remix of the band’s best known hit Tainted Love.

The Coco Electric produced new version launched Audi’s Remastered project this week, described by the car manufacturer as ‘a celebration of iconic music’, prompting One Week To Live to run a ‘where are they now feature’  recalling the huge role ecstasy played in Soft Cell’s music.

“It became a whole album that was done all around ecstasy and done on ecstasy,” Marc Almond recalled, on recording their debut album ‘Non Stop Erotic Cabaret’ (including Tainted Love). “When we listened to the mixes of the album we took ecstasy to listen to them. It sounded absolutely fantastic.”

Speaking in subsequent interviews the hugely influential singer downplayed the role E played, suggesting its impact had been contradictory at best.

“‘Non Stop Erotic Cabaret’ is an ecstasy album in the sense that we were on ecstasy all the time when we made it Not really in any other way, though.,” Marc said in an interview several years ago.

“Non-stop Ecstatic Dancing’ was more like that, but it’s not an album I remember very fondly. It was a real missed opportunity, because here we were, hanging out with the cream of New York’s clubland at Studio 54, The Paradise Garage and so on, and we could have got them to do it for us, but instead we ended making this rather pointless bodge job,” he continued. “So that was an ecstasy album, but it wasn’t very good. The main thing it said about ecstasy was ‘don’t take it before making an album’.”

Great Stufff release MARGOT MEETS THE MELODY MAKER – Torch Remixes shortly (including remixes by Namito, Rainer and Legowelt. (The making of Soft Cell’s Torch: ‘In one book about the group, Cyndi is obnoxiously described as ‘a drug dealer’, which is glib and convenient journalistic nonsense. She was a camp follower who contributed to the general party energy level and had her own distinctive style and rasping Brooklyn sense of humor and delivery. She passed on wonderful substances to Marc and Dave et al, but in a street social way. Ms Big she was not . . .’)

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