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Swiss Cows Ordered To Keep Off The Grass ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on February 23, 2007

Swiss dairy farmers who’ve been feeding their cattle cannabis hemp were warned they face prosecution this week, after authorities claimed THC in the hemp could be trickling into milk and posing health risks for consumers eating dairy products including Swiss cheese.

The announcement came several months after authorities in neighbouring statelet Lichtenstein issued a similar ban, prompting anger amongst both dairy farmers and hemp producers who said the dope food improved productivity dramatically.

"Many of the cows are stressed nowadays. If they eat hemp, they calm down. Now, a milk cow which is calm produces better milk. That is a fact,” Lichtenstein farmer Jean-Pierre Egger told the BBC.

"The only thing which gets high is the quality of milk and the quality and general health of the cow. That's how high the cows are feeling," Mr Egger added.

The story emerged as Australian newspaper The Telegraph reported on a new survey showing one in three under 30s consider smoking ‘unacceptable . . . viewing marijuana as dangerous, addictive and a gateway to harder drugs.’

In the same article (headlined Dope makes way for Ice Age) the paper, without irony, also pointed out that more non cannabis users than ever are turning to harder drugs including methamphetamine, alcohol, GHB and ecstasy with fewer and fewer people believing media ‘facts’.

"After an ecstasy death there are normally claims in the media about how dangerous the drug is,” said Paul Dillon from Australia’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre.

“Young people think 'that's not my impression of the drug' so they throw the baby out with the bathwater and close their ears to any warning they hear after that," he said.

The Times raised the same issue last December when the British newspaper spoke of ‘thousands of respectable members of the community in their late thirties and early forties — doctors, teachers, bankers, lawyers’ dropping ecstasy to celebrate Christmas. The paper suggested the respectable revelers also made their own minds up after being equally disillusioned by ‘exaggerated scare stories’

“It’s media misinformation and it’s been very much influenced by the whole political approach of saying no to drugs, which doesn’t work,” Professor Curran from University College London told the Times.

“Drug use is almost normative nowadays in the 18-30 age group,” she added, “Most will take the drugs for a while and come through at the end and have no problems. They are a completely different population to drug addicts.”  (Holycow game)  (Cow strategy game)  (exploding cow game)

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