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Britney’s Head Lice Horror ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on February 26, 2007

Britney Spears shaved her hair and extensions off to escape hundreds of egg-laying lice, the Mirror reported this week, after ‘totally freaking out’ about the blood-sucking insects.


“I had to get rid of the lice,” the American pop idol reportedly said as she left LA’s Mondrian hotel, “They were horrible’.


Infamous UK publicist Max Clifford told the Guardian he suspected the entire incident was arranged for publicity, a suspicion New York fashion icon Lady Bunny also shared.


 ‘Maybe it's another desperate PR stunt,” she told Skrufff, “I mean, after showing off your snatch, there's not too much left. Britney, the axe murderer?”


Bunny complained Britney’s hairless look highlights her egghead and predicted few, in any, drag queens will be copying her new style, apart from the wigs.


“Big hair is essential for dressing in drag,” Bunny explained. “A man's face is larger and his shoulders are broader, so bigger wigs minimize both. And some queens can't use their own hair due to male pattern baldness,” she pointed out.



Princess Superstar told Skrufff she’d never shaved her head but had ‘thought about it a lot’.


“The closest I've come is shaving off all my pubes,” the Princess added, “It didn't really change the way people treated me. But maybe how I've treated them.”


Short-haired American singer Juliet, who experienced brief fame as Jacques Lu Cont’s muse 18 months ago, was more sympathetic, telling Skrufff ‘it's strange to watch someone else’s life unravel publicly. I wish she could change planets, cleanse, heal and live happily ever after’.



“We don't talk much about  'life after the party' when everybody’s gone, the highs over and depression sets in,” Juliet continued.


“There's no one to blame and no where to run and no fig leaf large enough to hide behind. Just the consequences and responsibility to accept. God, that is painful,” she said.


The Boneheads featuring Lady Bunny- It’s Tonight, is released shortly.




Lice Links:  (Head lice in pics: very scary!) (‘Pubic lice are sometimes called crabs. They live in coarse body hair, such as pubic hair, but can also live in underarm hair, on hairy legs and chests and occasionally in beards, eyebrows and eyelashes’- even scarier picture!!!) (Head lice the facts: ‘Head lice infection can cause an itchy head or neck, or a rash, which is often worse behind the ears or on the back of the neck. However, it is possible to have had head lice for several months before you notice any itchiness, and some people may not report itching . . .’)


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