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Rudolph Giuliani Dubbed ‘America's Premier Political Transvestite’ ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 5, 2007

New York nightlife assassin turned Presidential contender Rudolph Giuliani was pilloried in the US press this week, over a ‘comedy sketch’ he recorded in 2000 in which he dressed up in drag and flirted coquettishly with real estate mogul Donald Trump.


“Of all the words used to describe the campaign of Rudy Giuliani, transvestite may be the most accurate,” respected political columnist Jeffrey Feldman suggested in an analysis of the former New York mayor’s highly convincing act.


“The video shows Giuliani not only comfortable with the theatrics of a man wearing women's clothes, but also skilled at generating a comic scene via the manipulation of female prosthetics. In other words: Rudy is good at wearing fake boobs,” he continued, “Rudy's performance bears all the marks of a man who feels liberated by the radical act of public gender transgression.”


The hatchet story appeared just days after US judges ruled that dancing of any description should formally remain illegal in almost all New York’s bars and clubs, as they upheld the city's notorious Cabaret Law. The 1920s Prohibition era law was revitalized and ruthlessly utilized by Giuliani when he launched his Nightclub Enforcement Task Force in 1997, resulting in just over 200 clubs holding dancing licences today (compared to 20,000 in 1960).


In more club crackdown news, City Councillors also approved a new Nightlife Bill this week which forces bars and clubs to install video cameras at all entrances and exits and much tougher rules on ID cards.


Gay rights activists warned clubbers seeking anonymity will be deterred for fear of being recorded on video though New York’s current mayor Michael Bloomberg welcomed the measures, particularly the increased identity checks at entrances.


"We all know that lots of kids have fake IDs," he said,” "Something that stops that makes some sense. Clubs, unfortunately, some of them have been centers of drug dealing and of fights, and of behavior that's just not acceptable."  (Metro AP)




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