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Pet Shop Boys Tour UK ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 5, 2007

The Pet Shop Boys announced this week they’re to play five live shows in the UK at the end May some five years after they last toured England.

The electro-pop duo will be playing relatively small concert halls including Gateshead Sage (May 24th), Wolverhampton Civic Hall (May 25th), London Hammersmith Apollo (May 27th), Manchester Apollo (May 28th) and Brighton Centre ((May 30th) and are not playing in Grimsby, where Neil told Skrufff last year things didn’t go quite to plan.

“Not to knock Grimsby, but we were playing in some weird sports hall there and it was only half full, though with a classic weird collection of Pet Shop Boys fans, ie rock fans, people from the local gay club, people who listened to the local oldies station, all standing uneasily together and you could see them all,” he recalled.

“I remember thinking ‘I don’t know why I’m doing this; I should stop doing this, it’s not great.’ Then of course the next night we’re somewhere else and it’s fantastic. I don’t know if that’s an existential crisis but I there are times when you think how long does it go on for?” he chuckled.

“You feel very exposed on stage; really exposed and sometimes if you think the audience isn’t into it, it’s a very naked feeling,” he added, “I am always astonished just before we go onstage, that I actually do this.”

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