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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 5, 2007

"It's a very experimental piece of work and combines the style of rock with trance and electronic. This is the first time that I have combined these different genres. I have always liked rock music so it made sense."  (Billboard)

Trance superstar type Tiesto hypes up his new album Elements Of Life.


“Disco came out after Vietnam. There was so much turmoil. People were down and they wanted to escape. It was a dark terrible time after the civil rights movement. It was escapism, like in the 20s after the depression. There were messages in the music.”  (Guardian)

‘Rock Me Baby’ disco crooner George McCrae looks back on disco’s heyday in the 70s.


“If Berlin had a beach or some other great feature I’d think about it maybe. Berlin is nice to visit but there are too many people already who define themselves just through the fact they live in Berlin.” (3D World)

Zombie Nation’s Florian Senfter explains why he has no plans to move to Berlin.


“I don’t feel like a French person, I’m not making music for French people. When you make underground music in France you’re really underground. There’s some music press, but because I run a label I know how it works. I know it’s fake. If they talk about someone it’s not because they think it’s good.” (One Week To Live)

Paris producer Joakim admits he identifies with British culture more than French.


“I wanted to save £500 for a portable DJ set I wanted to buy. I had a plan that my sister would drive me to DJ gigs with my own equipment. I was 15, she was 17. I worked really hard to save the money then she failed her driving test. There went my idea of becoming a DJ.” (News Of The World)

George Michael reflects on what might have been.


"A significant proportion, particularly those living I the city, are unaware of the process involved in making their food." (Ananova)

A spokesman from the Dairy Farmers of Britain comments on new survey showing that 2% of 10 year old urban kids think eggs come from cows.


'It's actually much easier to write a song that will attract a niche audience, but in general to have mass appeal you need to keep it simple, give it a clear title and structure, make it easy to follow.” (Observer)

Robbie Williams former writing partner Guy Chambers reveals the secret of mainstream success is to always avoid being ‘too innovative’.


“Trust your instincts, follow your heart and take opinion with a pinch of salt. If you’re true to your feelings and you channel pure, honest emotion into your sound, no-one can deny its value, integrity or place in the world’s music library.” (3D World)

Leftfield/ eclectic don Tom Middleton urges new producers and DJs to have faith in their own tastes.


"At one point I was taken to Bellevue hospital and I cut my foot and I was chained to a bed at the hospital. It was like what have I done? Michael Jackson is roaming the streets, O.J. Simpson killed his wife, let's get real here.” (Herald Sun, Australia)

Boy George brands his treatment by New York cops who arrested him for cocaine last year as ‘hideous’.


"Licensees need to take responsibility for the safety of their patrons and ensure that their premises are run in accordance with the licensing objectives." (Hackney Gazettte)

A police spokesperson confirms that London cops have asked Hackney council to revoke licenses to two Shoreditch venues (Jam and the Plaza) following recent shootings in the area.


"It validates that there was an emotional connection as well as a physical spark. Whereas 'I'll call you later' is code for 'Goodbye and good luck.'” (Men’s Health Magazine)

Diane Mapes, author of How to Date in a Post-Dating World, says that 82% of women prefer a man to fix a date before leaving after the first time they have sex.


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