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Indian Cyber-Cops Arrest 287 Ravers ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 9, 2007

Indian police who arrested and detained all 287 revellers attending an all-night party in Pune on drugs charges last weekend, planned the raid after monitoring psy-trance websites, they revealed this week.

“Such rave parties are definitely on our radar, and we take necessary preventive action whenever we get any information about such parties,” Joint Commissioner of Police, Law and Order, Arup Patnaik told Express India news, “One way to prevent such rave parties is to keep a close watch on the internet and on sites like Orkut, where people pass invitations to the parties,” he added.

The ‘Festival of Colours Holi Party’ was listed on leading portal Isratrance, who stressed their anti-drug stance immediately after the raid before shutting down their Indian trance party forum the following day. The arrested revellers, meanwhile, were locked up in India’s infamous Yerwada jail for several days, with 271 subsequently released on bail though ordered to report to the police station every two weeks. The partygoers, described in the media as the children of ‘top IT professionals, defence officials, senior bureaucrats, police top brass and politicians’ (Financial Express) face a year of ‘rigorous imprisonment’ if found guilty.

"After the bail we will have to wait till the charge sheet is filed,” defence lawyer, V Kakade tolf CNN-IBN, “The charges are that they have consumed drugs. We have sent blood samples of the accused to the forensic labs and we are waiting for the reports."

Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC) cops told reporters that ketamine, LSD and cocaine are ‘integral parts of rave culture’, local portal reported.

“Raves” are characterised by high entrance fee, rampant drug use and “chill rooms”, where ravers go to cool down and often engage in open sexual activities,’ a senior officer, from the Narcotics Control Bureau, Mumbai told the site. (‘A peep into the Yerwada Women's Prison: ‘Little do people know that Pune, a city well placed in many traveller's itineraries, and home to the ever popular Osho ashram also contains one of the oldest prisons in India, the Yerwada Prison . . .’) (‘While in Yerwada prison, Gandhiji had spare time to write letters, he wrote around 80 letters per week, mostly on slips of paper . . .’)

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