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UK Drugs Report Demonises Prohibition ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 9, 2007

A major new report on the war on drugs has concluded that Britain’s narcotics laws have been driven by ‘a moral panic’ with many outlawed drugs being demonised despite being safer than alcohol and tobacco.

"The use of illegal drugs is by no means always harmful any more than alcohol use is always harmful.” says the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in their  new paper ‘Drugs, Communities and Public Policy.’

"The evidence suggests that a majority of people who use drugs are able to use them without harming themselves or others. The harmless use of illegal drugs is thus possible, indeed common,” they conclude.

Report boss Professor Anthony King concluded that Britain’s drug laws need to be radically overhauled though the BBC said authorities are already ignoring the many of the RSA’ recommendations.

Their realistic assessment emerged as Scottish police and the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) warned that fiberglass doctored marijuana continues to be sold in Britain, with users risking lung damage and even death. The Alliance directly blamed Prohibition for allowing the silicon bead saturated weed to penetrate Britain’s drugs markets and urged both users and sellers to avoid it at all costs.

"There have been reports of people coughing up blood and goodness knows what other effects there could be,” an LCA spokesman told the Daily Record.

"If people think they have been sold some of this then the way to test it is to dab a bit of it onto a finger and test a piece of the grit between their teeth,” he suggested. (Glass in Cannabis: WARNING: ‘There's always been bad quality cannabis around under prohibition, in almost every country of the world. But now the situation has deteriorated and there's a real risk of serious damage to the lungs from inhaling some sort of fibre-glass spray put on to quite good-looking bud. THIS STUFF CAN KILL YOU . . .’) (Dope dealer game) (Herman Hesse's Nobel Prize Winning Novel,  ‘The Glass Bead Game’ lays the foundations for an Artistic/Conceptual Game, which integrates all fields of Human and Cosmic Knowledge through forms of Organic Universal Symbolism, expressed by its players with the Dynamic Fluidity of Music . . .’)

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