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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 9, 2007

“I don’t why I have lived this long. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have lived a sexless live for many years- since I was 30.” (South China Post)

Hong Kong resident Chan Chi, 107, speaks up for abstinence.


“I am having a different girl for each album and it is getting very painful for my private life. Each time I feel the need to fall in love again- to have a different woman to impress with my record. I’m getting tired of that.” (DJ Magazine)

Air producer Nicholas Godin admits he struggles with his creative muse.


'I'm hoping my friends Jack Nicholson and Rod Stewart will stop by soon. Their ladyfolk don't let them come to the other one.' (Observer)

Northern Soul pioneer turned London lap-dancing supremo Peter Stringfellow talks up his new non-stripper nightclub.


"A large quantity of drug shipments left the country through that organization. We were in the presence of a new drug cartel." (Star-Telegram, Texas)

Venezuela Justice Minister Pedro Carreno accuses America's DEA of collaborating closely with traffickers in 2005.


“Fame and fortune are, statistically speaking, almost impossible to come by. They also rarely last. And their legacy is usually bitterness and sadness. History is filled with musicians who had a minute of fame and then spend the rest of their lives saddled with resentment and bitterness.” (

Moby advises aspiring musicians to think long and hard about what they wish for.


“Be individual. Don’t be afraid to clear a dancefloor- you might be remembered as the guy who championed a certain sound when others ignored it- and always be true to yourself. And don’t f**k people over.” (DJ Magazine)

UK soul legend Bob Jones, who celebrates his 5th decade as a DJ this year, passes on his key tips.

Skrufff Top 5 (300):

1: Bobmo: Home Alone/ Freak Me (Institubes)

More top quality new rave/ electro-disco madness from France, this time courtesy of new face Bobmo, who delivers not one but two gems on his debut three track EP. Opener Home Alone is funky, melodic, pumping and great with a wonderful screeching climax that’s quite unique, while Freak Me explores a more acidic, though equally energetic vibe. A big one.

2: New Young Pony Club: The Bomb (Phones mix) (Modular)

Busy Brit-rock-dance producer Paul Epworth (aka the Phones) kicks off on a relatively (for him) stripped down punk-funk-disco tack, setting himself up nicely for a vocal led breakdown that’s eerily reminiscent of Royksopp. Melodic, tuneful and dancefloor-friendly

3: Just Jack: Glory Days (Switch Mix) (Mercury)

Remixer to the stars Switch works his usual alchemy, transforming Just Jack’s base metal pop dance original into a typically powerful, dirty house monster of sterling silver proportions. Polished and poised, it’s not quite up to the standard of his masterpieces from last year (namely Kelis, Spank Rock and Futureheads) but it rocks nonetheless- 8 out of 10.

4: Alsergrund Resistance: W Amadeus Version (CDR)

Mysterious Myspace producer Alsergrund Resistance enters Border Community type territory, creating a 9 minute melodically intense melancholic epic that Nathan Fake would be proud up. Sinister, haunting and special.

5: Dirty House Tools- Digital Sample Library- Volume 1

Dirty House Tools has been put together by some-time Azuli/ Atlantic Jaxx producer Jeremy Sylvester, who’s compiled hundreds of digital samples including sirens, crowds, basslines and drum beats, for download as WAVs. The best one (Soundz16) is a synth riff that Bizarre Inc could have created a whole song out of, though there’s plenty for all aspiring producers. (To hear these tunes, tune into the Skrufff Show on Ministry Of Sound Radio, every Sunday from 20.00-22.00 GMT)

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