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Feral Pensioners Menace Middle England ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 12, 2007

British grandmother Patricia Tabram vowed to continue using cannabis this week despite being threatened with jail after breaching the terms of a suspended sentence issued last year for possession with intent to supply.

Ms Tabram, 68, was sentenced to 250 hours community service this week, though remained defiant, telling the BBC she‘d continue using her illicit medication regardless.

"The police can come to my house every week.  I'll give them a cup of tea,” the plucky pensioner promised, “I'll give them a decent biscuit, which of course will be medicated and I'll give them some cannabis so they charge me again and again and again.”

In more senior delinquent news, Dorset granny Annie Freeman, from Kinson, was ordered to remove her white crocheted woolly hat in The Goose pub in Aldershot last week, after concerned bar stuff claimed her gangsta style headpiece obscured her features from the pub’s CCTV.

"Maybe they thought I was a rioter, but I am a bit too old to cause trouble,” the 87 year old great-grandmother told the Guardian, “I was a bit annoyed about it at the time because I did not have my hair tidy.”

Both stories emerged as Observer columnist Jasper Gerard published an alarming expose on ‘Saga louts’ and ‘feral grannies’ running amok in Eastbourne, suggesting the town is being terrorised by law-breaking senior citizens.

“Our youngsters are the worst-behaved in the world, but what of our oldsters? “ he asked.

“More than 55 per cent of Asbos (anti-social behaviour orders) in Eastbourne are reportedly slapped on the elderly. One Asbo was imposed for 'blasting out Des O'Connor at four in the morning', which should surely carry a custodial sentence. Another went to a Grandad sunbathing in a 'see-through, heart-shaped ladies thong',” he revealed.

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