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One Night Stand Gender Divide ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 12, 2007

US magazines Esquire and Marie Claire published a new sex survey this week comparing men’s attitudes with women’s which revealed that males are more than three times as likely as females to feel satisfied, with women twice as like to feel regret or shame.

The study appeared as Men’s Health published a ‘12 stages of seduction’ lovers’ guide, which included the key tip that fixing up a follow-up date after sex should be considered virtually compulsory for most men.

“82% of women say: Tell me you want to see me again--and soon. A proper parting line includes specifics. Don't just say you'll call; tell her you'll call this afternoon, then deliver. Better yet, book her for next Saturday,” Men’s Health advised, “Eighty-two percent of women prefer to nail down another date before you go,” they stressed.

Relationship expert Diane Mapes (author of ‘How to Date in a Post-Dating World’) agreed, suggesting 'I'll call you later' is code for 'Goodbye and good luck’, though etiquette guide Debretts ignored the issue entirely in their latest edition, suggesting instead that women should think more about disengaging.

“The one-night-stand (ONS) is a bit like fast food: tempting, but with nauseating afterthoughts,” Debretts declared.

“If you're at his, the ONS isn't over until the following morning's "walk of shame" home in last night's outfit. Steel yourself and hold your head up high,” they advised. “At yours, offer him breakfast and (assuming you want no more of him) say that your mother is on her way round.”

ONS Links: (‘Men need to keep their big, stupid mouths shut during a one-night stand. No talk about keeping in touch. No talk about "next time." It only sets them up to look like assholes when they don't follow through on things we didn't care about in the first place—until they mentioned it . . .’) (‘Do be upfront about post-coital sleeping arrangements. Best to tell him you have an early conference rather than do a midnight bolt straight after getting horizontal. Even if he was that bad, it's still discourteous . . .’)

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