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DJ Housemeister: NOT Germany’s Answer To New Rave ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 12, 2007

“I may be Germany’s ravermeister but I am not a new Marusha or Dr. Motte. This is bullshit. I don’t like classifications at all, so let’s hope these sensationalist journalists will shut up and get on with it. It’s all about making new good music.”

WELL-known for his ‘multilayered techno spectrum’, Housemeister is one of the few proud DJs and producers who actually are born and bred in Berlin. An original as unique as the television tower on Berlin Alexander Platz, he has become somewhat of an icon for Berlin clubbers.

And both icons appear on the 29-year old producer’s debut album Enlarge Your Dose, released at the end of last year on Boysnoize Records. While the TV tower (a landmark that effectively define’s Berlin’s geographical centre) stands tall, Housemeister himself, flies across the Alexander Platz, sitting astride his Vespa Scooter,

Musically the album harks back more than occasionally to the Golden, olden days of German rave, its 15 tracks combining frantic sampledelica crossed with an refreshingly anarchic take on electro house, mashed up with hip-hop frolics and acid house grooves. While over-riding it all is Housemeister,(real name Martin Böhm)’s own unique style that’s seen him releasing tracks previously on  Ellen Allien’s BPitch Recordings, Allyoucanbeat. And Boynoize.

Happily recycling ravey noises from the early Nineties and placing them firmly in a steady afterhour party mash-up groovy craze, Housemeister could be dubbed the answer to the UK new rave craze but it’s a label he fiercely rejects.

Starting his DJ career in 1994 with a residency in the legendary Berlin techno haunt the Matrix Club, he always refused to be labelled or pigeonholed, going with the flow whilst keeping his integrity. Gradually evolving into of those true Berlin originalsthat DJ everywhere, he’s played everywhere from Love Parade to F**k Parade, from Mayday to Karl Lagerfeld shows, with Tuesday night afterhours and superclubs thrown in, in between.

Skrufff (Kat @ PlanetKat): “You said recently that it’s very important for you to make music that deliberately stands out from the minimal wave, that you live to make the sounds you really like without thinking about compromises and trends . . .

Housemeister: “Yep, that’s right, I prefer to see myself as a completely independent human being who does what believes it right.”

Skrufff: “You don’t see yourself as being part of a movement or trend?”

Housemeister: “No, everything that I do comes from the inside. I was living the Nineties, so it’s not surprising that subconsciously I draw inspiration from this. I hate labelling.”

Skruff: „So the reason why you use these typical German rave sounds, and  make them the central part of your dance floor sound on which you can wave your arms like 1993 is that you just had an unconscious back flash?

Housemeister: “Yeah, it just came out of me, I never thought about anything.”

Skrufff: “One of your track is called ‘We Need The Rave’. Are you a slave to the rave?”

Housemeister: “I understand and save the rave.”

Skrufff: “So what is going on then, you boom out hoover noises combined with hand made acid-lines and dress them in big beat anarchia? Pure euphoria in the area, and, at the same time, something to dwell on?”

Housemeister: “Above all, it’s something different from the stuff that comes out right now.”

Skrufff: “So this is your style.”

Housemeister: „Yes.“

Skrufff: “But you’re not new rave?“

Housemeister: “I may be Germany’s ravermeister but I am not a new Marusha or Dr. Motte. This is bullshit. I don’t like classifications at all, so let’s hope these sensationalist journos will shut up and get on with it. It’s all about making new good music.”

Skrufff: “So what exactly is rave for you? Please specify…”

Housemeister: “Rave is a feeling, it’s impossible to describe, you know...“

Skrufff: “How big was the dose?”

Housemeister: “Enlarged.”

Skrufff: “So what do you think about the sound of early rave acts like Ultrasonic or The KLF for example.”

Housemeister: “KLF are huge! ‘The White Room’ was my first record ever, it will never die. Ultrasonic were amazing too… The piano solo in ‘Dance To The Rhythm’… Genius.”

Skrufff: „As an ex freelance writer of Raveline (German music publication renowned for its rave affinity), do you know what’s kicking off?”

Housemeister: “Of course.”

Skrufff: “How did you learn to be a producer?

Housemeister: “It was learning by doing, and watching friends.”

Skrufff: “You are known as an analogue freak – you have a studio filled with machines between which you jump back and forth.”

Housemeister: “Yes!!! I love to play around, and to be able to use everything at the same time and make the craziest noises.”

Skrufff: “Humour seems to be a central theme in your work, just listening to ‘Smoke My Pitch Up’, a free interpretation of a famous Prodigy-Song makes me crack up. Do you take things serious?”

Housemeister: “What exactly should I take serious?”

Skrufff: “How do you manage to keep a relaxed attitude like this.”

Housemeister: “Sex.”

Skrufff: “Who or what is MC Wuzikhan who lend you his voice for some of the tracks?”

Housemeister: “Wuzi is a good friend of mine, and on this track, he is rapping away. He used to accompany my DJ-Sets as my MC.”

Skrufff: “One track was heavily inspired by one famous rave outdoor event, the SonneMOndSterne. Kraftwerk player there this year…”

Housemeister: “Yeah, the track ‘SonneMondSterne’ pays homage to the third day on the festival. I played on Friday, but my Saturday gig got cancelled. I hardly slept, there was amazing music and great vibes in every corner, and when I drove home with the camper van of a friend of mind on Sunday, I could not wait to get into my studio and crank my crazy machines. I started the track and did not stop until it was finished. This is how the track came about. Just like that!”

Skrufff: “What’s the deal with your two labels, Allyoucanbeat and Boysnoize?”

Housemeister: “Well, to start with, Boysnoize isn’t my label, it’s Alex ‘Boysnoize’ Ridha’s crazy inventions, and yes, also girls can make noise. He has animated me to make this album, so big up to Alex. Allyoucanbeat is run by me and Dirty Doering. We are currently publishing the seventh release, yeaaaah! We’re on a roll.”

Skrufff: “The artwork and the stuff on the page – are you designing this? It’s sooo funny!”

Housemeister: “Yes, it’s all mine. I do all the graphics. Album covers, flyers, stickers, and the animated gifs as well, they are great fun. I was born hyperactive. Now I have outlets for all my energy.”

Skruff: “Housi, driving the scooter on the cover.”

Housemeister: “Yeaaah. Passionately. For a year now. I am the proud owner of this killer roller. I am more free than ever, I don’t have to fight for parking spaces, no traffic jams, and no tickets, no stress with the police either. It’s great.”

Skrufff: „Is there someone or something who gets deleted from Myspace straight away? Jemanden, den Du sofort aus Myspace geloecht hast?

Housemeister: “Can’t remember.”

Skrufff: “Housi in private... who or what are you under all the make-up?”

Housemeister: “Very nice indeed.”

Skrufff: “Afterhour: Limelight or twilight?”

Housemeister: “I don’t get that question, sorry!!!”

Skrufff: “Is there something like normality?”

Housemeister: “Each to their own.”

Skrufff: “Last question: What are you dreaming of?”

Housemeister: “Adventures.”

Housemeister – Enlarge Your Dose is out on Boyznoize Records, The Roadmovie EP is out now on Allyoucanbeat Records.

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