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Israeli Terror Trance Link ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 16, 2007

A BBC documentary examining the relationship between Israeli ravers and Goa’s psychedelic trance scene had concluded that key common factor is war.

'Post-Military Trip' (PMT), to be broadcast in May, says raves satisfy ‘young Israel's restless frenzied search for a freedom that has nothing to do with war and bloodletting’, with traumatized ‘trance-dancing’ soldier seeing Goa as ‘a near-mythical exercise in blissful escapism’. (India Times).

Details of the show emerged as Israeli news agency Ynet news said Israelis are continuing to ignore official advice to stay away from Goa to avoid ‘massive Al Qaeda terror attacks’ they believe are being planned.

“Targeting tourist sites is a common occurrence for Islamic organizations, and we are familiar with this from many attacks. On one hand, these are relatively easy attacks to carry out. On the other hand, they cause economic and perceptive damages,” Dr. Eli Karmon, an international terrorism expert, told Ynet.

"Since it is well-known that there are many Israeli tourists in Goa, and that a large part of them are after the army, a fact symbolizing an Israeli spirit, raises the attractiveness of the target,” he added.

In more rave news, leading Goa politician Jitendra Deshprabhu publicly accused drug cops from Goa’s Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) of extorting money from travellers, this week as well actively colalaborating with dealers in the area.

"The ANC has been running the drug business in Goa,” Mr Deshprabhu claimed (in response to claims that he blocked police from raiding a rave on his property), “And the Deputy Superintendent of Police, ANC, Allan D'Sa, is the kingpin.” (CNN-IBN)

CNN also reported this week that drug busts have increased in Mumbai sixfold in the last three years, with more people (850) arrested for possession in the first two months of this year than for the whole of 2004 (when 825 were busted).

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