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Indian Rave Cop’s Cowboy Confessions ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on March 23, 2007

An FBI trained Indian undercover policeman, who busted so many raves he gained the nickname of ‘Killjoy Cop’, chatted about his youthful exploits this week and boasted he revelled in dressing up and fooling foreigners.

“Those were my early days in the police and I guess I had seen too many Hollywood movies,” officer Zahur H Zaidi told Express India.

“I would actually swagger into a Rave party up in the jungles donning torn jeans and a Stetson and then, once it got underway I would stand up and yell, “Freeze. This is a raid. I am a cop”,” he laughed.

In more Indian cop news, officials in Gujurat announced this week that they’re issuing new uniforms to all 300,000 cops throughout the state, which both glow in the dark and are impregnated with the scent of flowers and citrus fruits.

“Most policemen look drenched in sweat after coming from any crime scene,” uniform designer Somesh Singh explained, “They are not the best person one would like to meet. But if they smell fresh one might as well approach them.” (Sunday Times)

Senior local police chief R.K. Patel approved, saying ‘we are tired wearing the thick cotton brown colour uniform with a broad belt and plastic badges for several decades now’

“If the new uniforms makes us stand out in the crowd, keeps us active with pleasant aroma and is yet very formal, then we are all for it,” he added (Institute Of Design, India).

Also in India, British festival organisation the Big Chill this week unveiled details of an event planned for Goa in April, featuring DJs including Pathaan, Coldcut, Mixmaster Morris, Jose Padilla and Norman Jay.

The two day event takes place in a heavily shaded coconut grove by Aswem beach to the North of the area’s best known tourist spots, and has the full support of the Indian Government's Tourist Ministry, Big Chill organisers confirmed.

"Goa is truly back on the traveller's agenda now, and the ongoing expansion is now being carried out much more thoughtfully,” Big Chill chief Pete Lawrence added.

“With natural, untainted beauty uppermost in my mind when selecting venues for Big Chill events - the Morjim area and Aswem beaches immediately struck a chord for their simple and unspoilt charms." (Aswem Beach, Morjim, Goa, IndiaApril 14-15)

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