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Skrufff Bites / Skrufff Top 5 ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on April 20, 2007

: Skrufff Bites (1)

“He’s a DJ from Germany. The first time I heard him play, back in the day in Belgium, I was like ‘Wow! This is the music I love! This is what I want to do, this is what I want to play.’” (One Week To Live)

Tiesto blames Sven Vath for inspiring him to take up DJing.


“I was married to someone who wanted me to change. I began not to like myself.” (Metro)

Marilyn Manson, 38, explains why he’s traded in his wife Dita Von Teese for 19 year old Hollywood actress Rachel Wood.


“Some of them are a little more tangential than others.” (Guardian)

A Yo Sushi spokesperson insists they’re not actively affiliating themselves with Joy Division despite recently naming a salmon and tuna sushi box set ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ as part of new ‘classic song’ menu.


“Quite why music played on the unreliable and outdated technology of vinyl records should sound so good is unclear, but the fact is it does.” (Guardian)

An unlikely Guardian editorial suggests vinyl might not be dead just yet.


“They are increasingly more effective in investigating and finding DJs that are earning undeclared income using methods such as listing magazines, venue & personal websites, myspace and general marketing materials (flyers/posters etc).” (

New DJ portal warns that inland revenue inspectors are targeting DJs with ever more sophisticated methods.


"Whilst I was playing a clubber handed me a beer. It was a nice gesture, but I’m always cautious about accepting drinks from strangers. A few years back someone spiked a drink that I was handed, leaving me reticent to accept anything from someone I don’t know. However, I pretended to take a few sips so as not to appear rude.” (

Judge Jules offers up another illuminating DJ tip in his weekly online journal.


Skrufff Top 5:

1: Vitalic Vs MIA: You Prefer Cocaine Vs Bucky Done Gun (Gigolo Records)

DJs Are Not Rockstars duo Princess Superstar and Alexander Technique switch MIA for Khia and mashup Vitalic with stunning effect, delivering a pounding high energy killer bootleg that’s quite simply wonderful. Avaikable on Princes Superstar’s (equally great) out now Gigolo compilation.

2: Larry Tee (featuring Princess Superstar): Licky (Herve Mix) (White label)

Skrufff teamsters Larry Tee and the Princess (yes her again) get down and deliciously dirty courtesy of Herve’s Switch style cut up staccato remix. Massive at all the best Miami electro parties (Joost Van Bellen reckoned it was the soundtrack of the event) and surely destined for allover crossover clubland conquest.

3: Meka: High Heel Shoes (Yer Man Remix) (Some Bizarre)

Italian duo Meka specialize in camp, classy, top quality electro that echoes the 80s yet packs a punch with power that’s decidedly now.  High Heel Shoes appears on the same package as the equally effective Accelerate and, while less immediate, is probably even better. Filthy and raw.

4: Hannah Holland: Hannah’s Jam Audion Mashup (CDR)

Trailer Trash hotshot Hannah Holland steps out on the mash-up trail, combining Audion’s Mouth to Mouth with The Crookers Jam Crunk remix. Simple, but devastatingly effective.

5: Roxy Music: Editions Of You (Phones Remix)

Uber-producer Paul Epworth continues his run of form, delivering a take no prisoners ‘glam-techno’ (Virgin’s term) remake of the Roxy Music 70s obscurity Editions Of you. Bryan Ferry has never sounded so scary!. (To hear these tunes, tune into the Skrufff Show on Ministry Of Sound Radio, every Sunday from 20.00-22.00 GMT)

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