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Gatecrasher Looks To the 22nd Century ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on June 29, 2007

British superclub Gatecrasher ‘expects to begin construction on the new club within the month’ a spokesman told Skrufff this week as demolition teams started knocking down the burned out remains of their Sheffield premises.

Superstar trance DJs including Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Paul Van Dyk paid tribute to the club this week, alongside thousands of clubbers who posted condolence messages on the club’s various websites.

“People have even travelled to lay flowers at the site,” said Gatecrasher MD Simon Raines.

“It’s incredible to see the place that Gatecrasher One has in so many people’s hearts. It makes us even more determined and inspired to get cracking with the rebuild and once again create the UK’s best club - we’ll be challenging ourselves to make a new experience for 22nd century clubbers,” he promised.

Local police also confirmed that fire investigation teams are no longer working at the devastated site and said forensic results confirming whether the fire was started deliberately should be available within two weeks,

“South Yorkshire Police have revealed that nothing suspicious was found on the CCTV footage recovered from the incident,” they said on a message posted on their official website, adding “However, it is still too early to conclude whether or not the fire is suspicious.”

The scale of the fire was emphasised by fire-fighters this week in press coverage in local newspaper the Sheffield Star, which revealed that the rapid spread of the inferno meant it could easily have caused a disaster.

"We are extremely concerned at the rate the building went up - within minutes of us receiving the 999 call the entire building was heavily involved in fire,” chief fire officer and Group Manager Dave Kiddy told the Star.

"There was the potential, if the club had been open at the time, for this to have been a disaster with the speed at which the fire developed. It was so rapid.

"We want this looked at as part of the investigation into the fire to see if there are any lessons that can be learned to ensure this wouldn't be the case in other clubs,” he added.

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