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Terror Alert Shuts Ibiza Airport ::

Reported by Trackitdown TID on July 9, 2007

Over 13,000 tourists in Ibiza faced long delays leaving the island last Saturday (June 30) after police evacuated the airport following a suspected ETA bomb hoax.

Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba apologized to tourists though stressed authorities will be taking all bomb warnings extremely seriously after Basque terrorists ETA called a halt to their ceasefire, adding ‘ETA will try to attack and we will use all the means at our disposal to stop them attacking,” (Typically Spanish) .

Ibiza club promoter Andy Manumission was sanguine about the incident, telling Skrufff ‘bomb scares happen, it just takes a drunken guy to have an argument with his girlfriend and call one in to ruin her night. It's despicable behavior but it normally happens without much media attention.’

“This was a hoax call about Ibiza airport - it is a concern, but should be put into perspective. It only became big news because of what is currently happening in the UK. I know where I feel safer and my kids are staying here,” Andy added.

The Manchester raised club chief also said Manumission are relaxed about the authorities’ current crackdown on some of Ibiza’s biggest clubs, with business, for both Manumission and Ibiza Rocks, better than ever.

“I can't comment on the rest of Ibiza but we have probably benefited in the short term from the venue closures, however, I am sure in the medium term we will loose a little due to Ibiza's global offering being damaged,” he predicted.

“That said as long as we get consistent policing and policies I do not see any long term damage for the island. The fact that the island may now be taking a more responsible attitude to drugs ultimately should be a good thing and the venues are now adapting to what has been a reality elsewhere in the world for many years,” said Andy.

Cream, meanwhile, finally launched their Balearic season at Amnesia this week, with Eddie Halliwell, Ferry Corsten and Kissy Sell-Out headlining their delayed grand opening.

“It is with great pleasure . . . relief . . . and delight that Amnesia has finally been given the go ahead and will be open tonight to kick off Cream’s Ibiza season,” they announced in a press release issued on the morning of the party (July 5).

“We may be 2 weeks late due to the ongoing discussions between Amnesia and the authorities but good things come to those who wait,” they added.

One Week To Live magazine, meanwhile, reported ominous rumours concerning Ibiza’s longer term clubbing future, which they suggested could impact some of the island’s biggest club.

“The currently worst kept secret on the island seems to be that the new left wing government is likely to outlaw all after-hour party possibilities,” the British title speculated.

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