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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on July 23, 2007

“If it is about illegal substances and drug abuse there are definitely other venues on this island you should go for, but not Amnesia.” (Times)

Paul Van Dyk criticises Ibiza authorities for singling out Balearic superclub Amnesia in their recent drug crackdown.


“There are so many great things to do and it’s a big, beautiful park . . . but in the end, 363 days of obsessive planning can all come down to the weather, which is in the lap of the Gods.” (Time Out)

Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay ponders the gambling aspect of putting on his Hackney Festival the Lovebox Weekender (days before London is swamped by ferocious flash floods, the day before it starts).


“The whole world has changed, it seems, in the past few years, and suddenly going out and dressing up seems a little, well, dated, I guess.” (Raydar)

Still incarcerated Party Monster club kid king Michael Alig admits he’s slipped out of touch with clubland fashions since murdering Angel Menendez in 1996.


"For dinner the President loves what we call home-made 'cheeseburger pizzas' because every ingredient of a cheeseburger is on top of a margherita pizza.” (The Sun)

George W Bush’s personal Chef Cristeta Comerford highlights the President’s unusually sophisticated tastes.


“I struggled with this question, asking, "Beth, what would you do?", and then I remembered all the times I've shouted back: "Show us your cock! That's right - let everyone here see how huge it is! Oh wait! What's that? I didn't hear you! You're walking away?!" (Guardian)

The Gossip singer Beth Ditto admits she takes the direct approach when encountering ‘catcalling’ men


"Harry Potter is seen as a brand of quality and that's why people are putting it on ecstasy tablets.” (Brisbane Times, Australia)

Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia spokesman Paul Dillon comments on the police discovery of 2,300 Harry Potter pills.


“I posed for countless photos, until a couple of UK piss-heads got really aggressive, telling me that I ‘wasn’t Judge Jules’. Don’t get me wrong- I wouldn’t expect everyone to recognise what I look like- but the look of drunken hatred in a couple of guys’ eyes took me aback, forcing me to call for security.” (Judge Jules.Net)

Jules dodges dodgy Brits outside Greece’s Camelot Castle Club last week.


“You don’t need much to be happy in Ibiza so long as you go with people who give you the right energy. For me that means not moving into the club factory, the world of plastic.” (One Week To Live)

Café Del Mar pioneer Jose Padilla outliunes his own way of finding Ibiza magic.


“I don’t care if the whole crowd wants to hear an Eric Prydz record. I don’t give a shit. I ain’t playing it if I don’t like it and that’s it.” (3D World, Australia)

New York DJ Junior Sanchez outlines his no compromise attitude to track selection.

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