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Council Killjoys Scupper UK Festival ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 13, 2007

Human Zoo festival organisers cancelled their upcoming event this week blaming bureaucrats from Bury St Edmunds Council for destroying their event.

“Bury Council’s Environmental Health Office has today given notice of intention to serve a Noise Abatement Order, leaving us with no option other than to cancel Human Zoo 2007 before it even opens,” they said in a statement posted on their website this week.

“With this Order in place, we are advised that we could face unlimited fines for a single noise complaint during the Festival. Sadly, this is no hoax,” they added.

The three day East England event was launched earlier this year promising revellers ‘a friendly and intimate house party feel’ and ‘a left of centre philosophy far away from the more obvious events’ via a diverse line-up which included  Green Velvet, Blackstrobe, Altern 8 and Fedde Le Grand. Their 11th hour cancellation stood out for making no references to the weather, unlike that of indie Festival Lodestar who this week blamed ‘weather perception’ for wiping out their planned event.

"Despite a tremendous amount of effort in marketing the festival, unfortunately we were battling against all the pictures and reports about the dreadful weather we've been having this year,” organiser Doug Durrant told the BBC.

"Well, ticket sales were fairly low,” he conceded, “And totally reflective of the weather up until today (August 1). The weather might have turned around but it's really come too late for LodeStar."

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