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Man from Unkle’s Bulgarian Beating ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 13, 2007

Mo Wax founder James Lavelle chatted candidly about bankruptcy, fatherhood and living a Peter Pan lifestyle for 15 years in the insisted ‘the days of getting f**ked up are over’ in the new issue of Mixmag.

However, the newly clean Unkle producer admitted his international DJ lifestyle continued to remain lively including a recent incident in Bulgaria where two strangers he’d been drinking with for two hours suddenly punched him in the face and robbed him (‘and you just think ‘what the f**k am I doing’ he said).

The incident highlighted the vulnerability of travelling DJs, which Robbie Rivera told Skrufff he realised several years ago when he also found himself ‘with two strangers in a car in Greece, driving back from a gig.’

“I’d been to Greece millions of times and I usually feel safe there but on this particular occasion it was different,” Robbie recalled.

“I was driving a two hour trip out of the city, up in the mountains and at one point I suddenly thought ‘I’m by myself, I don’t know these guys, I’ve got a couple of thousands euros in my pocket form the gig, and these guys could take my money and leave me here if they wanted to.”

While Robbie’s drive ended without incident, less fortunate was DJ Sasha who found himself caught up in a serious terror incident when touring Russia in 2005.

“I was staying in Moscow’s National Hotel just before Christmas when two Chechen suicide bombers blew themselves up right outside the hotel. I was in bed at the time asleep, about sixty or seventy feet (20 metres) from the explosion,” Sasha told Skrufff (last year).

“The whole room shook, it blew in all the windows of the hotel reception, I think five people were killed in the attack. I ended up staying in the hotel room for 24 hours, because they kept setting off little explosions all day; I didn’t realise they were those controlled explosions, it really felt like Moscow was under attack,” he recalled

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