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Creamfields Promise Security & Sniffer Dogs ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 20, 2007

Cheshire police announced this week they’ll be staging a massive operation at Creamfields next weekend involving over 500 officers including special spotters trained to recognise ‘troublemakers’ and more cops inside throughout the event.

Metal detector arches are also being installed at all entrances, Creamfields confirmed, to ensure safety throughout the event.

“Officers with drugs dogs will also be searching people alongside security staff at  the entrances, anyone who is caught with drugs will be prosecuted and may end up missing the event  completely. Our message is clear, do not bring drugs onto the site you will be caught,” Inspector Paul Carroll from Cheshire Police warned,

 “Officers onsite will be on the look out for anyone causing trouble and will search anyone suspected of carrying weapons. If you are arrested you will not only have wasted your ticket but could end up with a criminal record.”

The inspector also urged revellers to ‘make sure that you stay with your friends and look after each other’.

Creamfields takes place on Saturday August 25 at Daresbury Estate, Halton. in Cheshire. (Chemical Brothers, Dave Clarke, 2 Many DJs, Eric Morillo, David Guetta etc etc etc, Saturday 25th August, 3pm - 6am)

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