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Depeche Mode Star- I Feel So Old ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 20, 2007

Dave Gahan chatted about his upcoming solo album Hourglass this week and revealed that the record represents him attempting to address meaning of life issues rather than perpetuating the clichéd rock & roll mythology.

“I don’t know if it’s about age, just getting older,” he said. “But there are certain things that just don’t work anymore. There’s no longer the luxury of being able to get blind drunk every night and just hide behind that. My fear is that I’ve wasted so much time in fear, in fear of diving in. I feel like I’m racing against the clock; I feel constantly like I haven’t got enough time to get to where I wanna’ be. And I think what I’m afraid of is what the future may hold, and am I doing anything of meaning?”

The once notoriously self-destructive superstar admitted he still sometimes struggles with addictions from his past (‘there are certainly times when I’m still, like, f**k it, let’s crack open the bottle of Jack Daniels”) though was candid about his new responsibility, which he describes in new track Use Me.

“It’s about my disgust with people, myself, disgust with my arrogance and my self-sabotaging behaviou. I wanna’ use something, I wanna’ use life to escape,” said Dave.

“I think it comes from being made to go to Sunday school when I was a kid. I heard it loud and clear, that we’re all sinners,” he surmised.

Coincidentally, ex Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder also recently addressed ‘what are we here for?’ questions on his new solo album Subhuman with a press release which talked of the album asking us ‘to reach within ourselves and extract the very essence of what makes us human’.

“Being human is about recognising that part of yourself that is able to act out your deepest, darkest thoughts,” Alan told Skrufff last month.

“I don’t think it takes that much twisting to bring that side out of us. It’s in all of us and we see it in our every day cycle of life, look around you and see what people are doing to each other on whichever level,” he mused.

“We sit in our comfortable little homes thinking it’s them and not us; well actually it’s in all of us and one day or another we’ll have to face it.”

Alan Wilder’s album Subhuman is out now (on Mute) while Dave Gahan’s album Hourglass comes out in October. (Dave Gahan) (Alan Wilder)


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