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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 20, 2007

Ageing revellers contemplating ditching dancing for a pipe and slippers style sedentary lifestyle are being targeted by US furniture company Raffel Comfort Sciences, who this week launched a new range of chairs called ‘The Rave’.

The designer chairs feature Ipod storage space, speakers in the chair back and a facility which synchronises bass notes with vibrations from four pre-programmed massage treatments for the bargain basement price of just $799.99 each.

“The Rave massage chair: a party for your back,” gadget portal  enthused, “Why go to a rave when you can have one from the comfort of your very own massage chair?”

SlipperyBrick’s tone (on the chair’s massage functions they quipped ‘large, beefy Swedish woman not included’) matched similarly disrespectful media coverage to the world’s first rave coffee table, designed by Daft Punk several years ago.

“If you haven't forgiven Daft Punk for the dreary electronic lament that was One More Time and seemed to be on repeat throughout the whole of 2001, then you might not be thrilled to hear the French twosome has branched out. Into furniture design,” the Guardian sneered, “Designed with the same attention to electronic possibilities as their songs, it's a shiny black glass cube decorated with illuminated red squares that can flash randomly or light up in time to the music you are playing,” they explained.

Channel 4 similarly derided its ‘macho colours of the moment: black and red’ (2004) suggesting the £1,000 tables were aimed at ‘Disco Daves’.

“Who would have thought it,” the TV channel added, “A coffee table that can help you relive your clubbing years?

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