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Fatal Stabbing At Zurich Street Parade ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 20, 2007

One person was stabbed to death amongst the 800,000 revellers who attended last weekend’s annual Street Parade in Zurich, despite this year’s theme of ‘Respect’.

Organisers published a manifesto before the party urging’respect for your inner voice, your dreams and goals – and, most of all, respect for your health’ going on to even advise revellers to‘leave water pistols and whistles at home’ though fights broke out in the evening which reportedly lead to the young man’s killing.

Street Parade marketing chief Martin Schorno also warned that this year’s Parade could possibly be the last after tobacco company Phillip Morris pulled out, leaving them SF200,000 down on their previous year’s budget (

Meanwhile in Germany, organizers of the Loveparade (now dubbed the ‘Ruhr Metropolitan Area Loveparade’ since leaving Berlin) kept up their bullish marketing campaign declaring in a statement on their website; ‘the Loveparade remains the greatest party in the world.’ Promising ‘something for everyone’ the statement stressed the event has political backing, funding (from ‘chief sponsor McFit’) and more music (‘a larger selection of live acts’) with parties stretching from Thursday to Sunday,

Back in Berlin, organizers of the F**K Parade issued final details of their own street parade which takes place one week earlier (August 18th at the Frankfurter Tor, 3pm), with a typically defiant message aimed at both the old Love Parade and new one.

“We fight since 1997 for club culture, against drug hysteria, repression from authorities and police violence – in the beginning also against the Love Parade,” they said.

“We have emancipated ourselves from it in 2001, for it has become irrelevant for our culture. There are more important things worth demonstrating against,” they added.

Pale Music Steve will be playing ‘European drug music’ at this year's Fuckparade Afterparty at C-Base in Berlin!, he promises.  (F**K Parade: ‘August 18th at 3 p.m. at the Frankfurter Tor:)