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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 20, 2007

“It was impossible to become known and for people to take me seriously. I felt like a door-to-door salesman going here and there, trying to show what I could do and taking the worst slots at festivals. But now I am finally living my teenage dreams.” (The Sun)

David Guetta celebrates his success.


“The police don’t mind you swearing at them and it’s fine to piss on the street- anywhere.” (One Week To Live)

Henry Riton shares a secret about Ibiza’s reputedly tough police force.


"There's more drum and bass. Great music acts, the best DJs in the world." (Guardian)

Dave Mailman, president of Surfing championship ASP Europe explains why Newquay’s annual boardmaster event is the different from the rest.


“Much of what I played at THE WAREHOUSE wasn't as high energy as most HOUSE MUSIC is today. The choons were anything as funky and low down as James Brown's, "SEX MACHINE" to Sylvester's, "MIGHTY REAL" and, everything in between. It was always about the song first and foremost.” (Filter

Godfather of house Frankie Knuckles outlines the essence of house music.


“I really am a housewife even though maybe when I am on the scene it doesn’t look like that. I really do live a double life.” (

DJ Lottie muses on juggling DJing with being a mother (after playing at the wonderfully organized first ever Refresh Festival in  Montenegro)


“We are too frightened to go out at night. It has ruined our holiday. There is a terrible atmosphere.” (News Of The World)

An unnamed holidaymaker describes Ayia Napa following sustained gang fights between London and Birmingham crews which left Londoner Martin Grant, 21, seriously wounded.


“One man came up to me and said ‘that set you just played- I need it now, exactly this one- I’ll give you $500 for it’. We made a lot of money. I would come home with my pockets bulging with money.” (Pacha Magazine)

Ibiza pioneer DJ Pippi recalls the early days, when he made a fortune selling mix tape cassettes.


“When you use drugs like this you are not likely to consciously experience any of the effects of one drug because it has been masked by the other. This is particularly dangerous in relation to driving as a person may feel as though they are fine to drive but may actually be very intoxicated.” (Sydney Star Observer)

Paul Dillon outlines the dangers of polydrug use such as mixing cocaine and cannabis or ecstasy and alcohol.


"Blimey, look at the size of Tony Blair's moobs! What struck us as odd was that his wobbly mammaries are out of proportion with the rest of his rather-toned stomach. Since Tone has more time on his hands these days, Cherie needs to nag him into some press-up action pronto." (Independent)

Heat magazine turn their guns on increasingly porky ex British PM Tony Blair.


'Avoid spanking the kidneys. Instead, focus on the 'sweet spot' – the point at which buttocks meet thighs.' (Metro)

Emily Dubberley, author of audiobook Dark Desires says over the the knee is Britain’s most popular spanking position.

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Skrufff Top 5 (323) August 17

1: Alloy Mental- Alloy Mental: the remixes (Skint)

Two years after Phil Kieran’s infectious high energy rocker Alloy Mental first tire up dancefloors, Skint are to release it again, this time with a series of mixes that breathe new life and vitality into a track that’s already special

Best of the bunch is electro-ctrash uber producer Boyznoise, whose remix maintains the essence of the (still brilliant and included here) original,  though adds his own unigue frisson to make the make the track far more accessible to minimal, techno and house fans alike. Rocking.

2: Wahoo: Damn (You’re Here) (Fine Records)

Not to be confused with Andrea Doria’s recent club hit Yahoo,, Wahoo’s Damn (You’re Here) is an uplifting uptempo anthemic electro-house track that’s accessible and effective.

3: Popov: Get This (Level 75)

Still criminally underrated French label Level 75 do it again, dropping another dancefloor bomb, courtesy of new signing Popov and his fantastic new acid house single Get This.

Fans of Sebastian Leger’s Take Your Pills will love it.

4: Digitalism: Idealistic (remixes)  (Virgin)

Still under-rated Scottish duo prove their mettle again, delivering the best remix of Digitalism’s second single Idealistic, which first came out some two years ago on Kitsune. Wisely sticking closely to the German duo’s original version, Hystereo nevertheless add new rave trickery and harder beats, effortlessly eclipsing relatively flat remixes by Who Made Who and Kanya West DJ A-Trak. A No-brainer

5: Gregor Tresher: Anti (Great Stuff)

Belying its minimal title, Tresher’s new single Anti, is 9 minutes of stripped down medium tech intensity that builds steadily with mood and positive energy. Firmly in the electro-tech scheme of things. (To hear these tunes, tune into the Skrufff Show on Ministry Of Sound Radio, every Sunday from 20.00-22.00 GMT)

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