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Italian Mayor Calls For Gay Ethnic Cleansing ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 28, 2007

Right wing Italian politician Giancarlo Gentilini, the Deputy Mayor of Italian city Treviso sparked protests last week after he proposed radical measures to stop gays cruising in a local car park.

“I will immediately give orders to my forces so that they can carry out an ethnic cleansing of faggots,” he told local television. “The faggots must go to other (cities) where they are welcome. Here in Treviso there is no chance for faggots or the like.” (Windy City Times).

Mr Gentilini’s comments emerged as New York drag institution/ disco DJ Lady Bunny warned that conditions for gay people are worsening in the US, in an interview with Buffalo web portal

“Seriously, I guess that a lot of people don’t realize that in addition to comedy, I actually have a very serious politically and socially conscious side,” Bunny told the site, “Gay people are under attack and it’s time to start fighting back,” she proposed.

London underground club site Disco Damaged also maintained their warnings to readers to be on the alert for violence around Vauxhall in particular this week, compiling their 3 ‘top of the robs’.

Examining the pros and cons of classic mugging (‘you can die if you don't hand over your possessions and they often hit you anyways’) and buying drugs from a stranger (‘violence’) they also warned of minicab scams of particular viciousness.

“Whilst most minicab's are daylight robbery there's one scam that's worse; when you get in an illegal minicab and are basically kidnapped and taken to an ATM to get all your cash out,” Disco Damaged warned.

“Pros?: Well, we guess you're warm;  Cons: You can be held somewhere until midnight when you can withdraw more. Horrific violence quite common. Death,” they added. (Giancarlo Gentilini (in Italian) (Taxi driver game)


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