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Bali DJ Faces Five Months In Jail ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 28, 2007

Prosecutors in Bali this week recommended that court officials find Australian DJ Nick Taylor guilty of being a drug user rather than drugs possession charges and suggested the psy-trance pioneer should spend 5 months in jail.

Nick, who could have been jailed for ten years without remission if found guilty of possession, has already spent two months on remand after being caught with 0.2 grams of cocaine when police raided an after-party he was attending. He appeared in court two weeks ago and revealed he’d been using cocaine for five years to treat stress and early stage symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

"The defendant frankly admitted to being a drug user, has never been in prison before, has shown remorse and plans to undergo rehabilitation in an Australian hospital," prosecuting lawyer Suhadi told a three-judge panel at Denpasar District Court, explaining his (relative) leniency. The court is due to reach its formal verdict next Thursday (September 2). (the Age, Australia).

Nick’s honesty matched that of Brit traveller Geoffrey Whitcombe who shocked court officials in India last week by begging for maximum punishment after being caught smuggling 1.7kg of hash out of Goa in April 2006.

"I am a true Christian, I have committed a crime. I do not wish to waste the time of this court. Punish me according to the law,” Mr  Whitcombe, 46, told judges, "This court may acquit me but how will I ever show my face to Jesus Christ?" (Times Of India)

Mr Whitcombe was jailed for ten years, the minimum possible sentence for pot smuggling in India.  (‘Christopher Parnell can do more than imagine the prison fate that may await Australians held in Indonesia over drug offences - he knows it well. Mr Parnell spent 11 years in some of Indonesia's worst prisons, for drug offences he says he did not commit. From his arrest in 1985 when he was 32, he was beaten, starved and tortured in jail. He spent four years in solitary confinement. For three-and-a-half months he had his hands shackled behind his back. He lost his gall bladder, spleen and left eye in an attack and says he ate cockroaches and human flesh . . .’) (Prison pen pals) (Indian jail stories)

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