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Afghan Heroin Minister Hails George W ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 31, 2007

An Afghanistan politician who was busted in Las Vegas 20 years ago trying to sell $2 million worth of heroin dismissed his drug smuggling past as youthful exuberance this week and compared himself to bad boy turned president George W Bush.

"It was my honeymoon. I was a youngster and youngsters do stuff. Stuff like gambling, drugs and girls. I was a Las Vegas boy,” Afghanistan’s anti-corruption Minister Izzatullah Wasifi told the Guardian.

"Even George Bush has a record,” he continued, “He was arrested, same shit as me. There's no difference between him and me."

Though the Guardian suggested Mr Wasifi was referring to the President’s drunk driving conviction from 1976, he was more likely to have been referencing the repeated allegations of cocaine abuse which have continually surfaced, notably in Kitty Kelly’s revealing biography ‘The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty’ in 2004.

An extract from the book appeared in the Sunday Times the same year, which talked of Bush ‘attending and enjoying heavy pot-smoking parties’ and ‘doing coke at Yale’ as well as considerably more recently.

“As governor of Texas, he took a hard line on drugs. He supported increased penalties for possession and signed legislation mandating jail time for people caught with less than a single gram of cocaine,” Ms Kelly reported.

“Yet, as the claims of Sharon Bush, his sister-in-law, show, he could have been subject to jail time himself had he been caught “doing coke” with his brother Marvin at Camp David during his father’s presidency.

In the midst of an unfriendly divorce from Neil, another of the Bush brothers, Sharon told me last year: “He and Marvin did coke at Camp David when their father was president and not just once, either,” she sad who worked with George at that time (1972) remember him as an affable social drinker who acted much younger than his 26 years. They recall that he liked to drink beer and Jim Beam whiskey at the Cloverdale Grill in Birmingham, Alabama. They also say he liked to sneak out the back for a joint of marijuana or into the bathroom for a line of cocaine . . .’)

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