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Tiefschwarz’ Strictly House Rhythm ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 31, 2007

German minimal/ maximal uber-producers Tiefschwarz are to release a mix compilation of retro house for old school label Strictly Rhythm next month based on tracks culled from 1990-1993.

The collection represents a back to basics return for the brothers, who ironically became huge after ditching soulful house in the late 90s. Chatting to Japanese website Higher-Frequency in 2002 they described moving on from deep house saying ‘we crossed the border, we said ‘OK, we are not deep house anymore’, a line they maintained in a Skrufff interview last year.

“We were producing proper deep house until the end of the 90s but now that’s already 7 years ago. The first really important switch was when we signed to Classic (Records) because at that time our music became more empty, more dubby and with less vocals,” they explained, “It became more electronic in general and that’s what it is- we wouldn’t call it minimal or techno, our music has a broader club appeal.”

This time round though they stressed their ful (re-) commitment to deep house on the compilation’s press release explaining their music is ‘basically all about house.”

Whether you’re coming from a minimalist perspective, a techno perspective or a deep house perspective, the base to our sound is always house,” they added,

Their choice as selectors is a canny one for Defected, given the duo’s current popularity amongst audiences far outside their norm, plus their near obsessive interest in Strictly Rhythm. Launching their careers in 1990 throwing house parties, the brothers based their entire vibe around the New York house sounds of  then unknown in Germany producers like DJ Pierre and Masters At Work, despite the prevalence of techno and trance in Germany’s then nascent rave scene.

“We were into this new groove, Strictly Rhythm sound, with the four to the floor bass-drums and New York garage sound. We loved it, bought every single record and studied it, we became real nerds,” the duo told Skrufff in 2006, “In fact, that’s when we started our first deep house club- and it was only about deep house,” they stressed.

Strictly Tiefschwarz is out on September 7 on Strictly.

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