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Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on August 31, 2007



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//////////// POST BLOOM REPORT//////////

With this summers Bloom Festival just a hazy memory in our even hazier minds, we thought it was about time to let you know just how damn good it was. If you were there, please share with us in this wobbly recollection of naked orgies, strange potions and bestiality with local wildlife (well OK, so that was just us…) and if you missed out, this event rocked!

On an unseasonably hot and sunny weekend (well, to be honest any hot and sunny weather would do) the Bloom was a small but perfectly formed event which took place at Dryham Park near Bristol over the weekend of 10th – 12th August, your favourite post-breakbeat, nu-wave electro masters Chew The Fat hosted The Fat! Arena on the Saturday night, plied the field with Paul’s special homebrew made from Sainsbury’s 2 for 1 mushrooms, banaskins, Sindens’ toe fungus and nutmeg which got the place absolutely mental to the sounds of Evil 9, Sinden, Tayo, The Rogue Element, Boabinga & I.D., Paul ‘Druid’ Arnold and Kid Blue, some say this has been our best line up yet with the music kicking from the word go but we think our best is still to come (read on…)

See it here:

Link to Bloom Photos:

Festival virgins Baobinga & I.D. (OK, less of the ‘festival’ maybe) were so touched by the experience they wrote a short piece about it here:

 ////////////////// CHEW THE FAT BACK IN LONDON – 14th SEPT  ///////////////

Like a bad smell that wont go away Chew The Fat returns to The End on Friday 14th September for Unique 3’s ‘Invasive Signals’ album launch party. All those that have been keeping their finger on the pulse will have noticed Fat! line ups have been morphing over the last few editions to encompass a new sound, a new direction and a brave new world. Before you jump to conclusions, Chew The Fat hits 10 next month and for any club that has been in the game for that long will know you need to move forward in order to survive… this is exciting times for us and we feel this is our best line up yet …well until next month… so read on:

In the Main Room, alongside our Unique 3 who celebrates the launch of his new album (out 8th Oct on Fat!) will be Toolrooms electro master Dave Spoon, king of glitch Si Begg, dubstep demon Skream whilst warehouse rockers Issst take over the Lounge with a DJ set from Friendly Fires

…who’s up for it?

Listen to Dave Spoon / Skream & Si Begg:

Friday 14th September

The End, 18 West Central Street, London, WC1A 1JJ

£12/£8 NUS; 11pm-6am
Info: 0207 924 1333 /
Dress code: Kappa tracksuits, ginger hair and acne OK
Capacity: 1,000

//////////////WE LOVE FAT - IBIZA CLOSING PARTY DETAILS///////////////

We’ll we’ve had had a stonking summer as week in, week out we’ve been hosting the Red Room at the legendary ‘We Love… Sundays’ parties at the even more legendary Space nightclub on the devil’s Island. Jem Precision Cuts and Paul Trouble Arnold have been our ‘hosts with the most’ alongside a right ramshackle bunch of reprobates joining him including Hook N Sling, Merka, Soul Of Man, Unique 3, Madox and many more to come, flying in getting drunk, embarrassing themselves (sorry DJ’ing) and leaving. Jem wrote us a blog about how things have been going…

Read Here:

Watch it here:

So, with closing parties a month away here’s our final line ups... if you’re in ‘beefa over the coming weeks, come and say hi!

Sunday 2nd   Paul Trouble Arnold, Merka.

Sunday 9th   Jem Precision Cuts, Drum Monkeys, Audiojack,

Sunday 16th Paul Trouble Arnold, The Rogue Element, JDS

Sunday 23rd Paul Trouble Arnold, Blende


Sunday 30th Paul Trouble Arnold, Tayo, Jem Precision Cuts 

That’s All Folks!