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Ade Fenton, Eye Make-up & Arachnobia ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 3, 2007

A new study of pets and relationships published this week has revealed that 48% of women are ‘repelled’ by the idea of dating a single man who owns a pet spider with one in three also rejecting men who let cats sleep on their pillows.

“Treating pets as children (12% of respondents), sharing your bed with your pet (33%), over-indulging your pooch with the latest designer accessories (40%), or simply owning two cats or more (23%) – these were just some of the factors that influenced other singles against dating a pet-owner,” the survey of 2,000 singles said, “What’s more, if push came to shove 25% of singles would favour their pet over a new partner”.

(Male) techno DJ Ade Fenton refused to reveal the sleeping arrangements of his cat (called Monkey) though insisted his extreme fear of spiders (and penchant for wearing heavy make-up) had nothing to do with him embracing his feminine side.

“As far as I know, arachnophobia is a cross gender condition,” Ade told Skrufff, “Neither do I believe wearing a bit of black eye make up means I'm in touch with my femininity,” he protested.

The British techno don turned Gary Numan producer and confidante admitted he continues to routinely check hotel rooms for skulking spiders and confessed he’s already nervous about visiting Australia shortly, for his first ever summer trip.

“The promoter I'm working for there had an incident last summer where he was driving to the coast one weekend, pulled down the sun visor on his car, and a huge Huntsman spider dropped on his lap,” said Ade, ”I'd have had a f**king heart attack.”  He also revealed that his partnership with Gary Numan is paying dividends in unexpected ways with Gary now  his spider-catcher.

“He lives in the countryside, so he does get some whoppers in the house and in the studio. He'll just pick these f**king monsters up in his hand and take them outside,” he said. “Gary’s big fear is worms, so that does at least give me the opportunity to regain a little machismo ‘cos worms don't bother me.”


Skrufff man-in-New York/ proud dog owner larry tee said he kept a few spiders in jars as a kid, and agreed with the one in four men in the Youguv/ Parship study who said they would choose their dogs over dates every time.


“Dogs are certainly mini-people and I judge my friends seriously by how they handle my BMF (best male friend) Nelson,” Larry revealed.


“If they don’t love Nelson, I never really let my relationship go much further because they are obviously idiots. My dog would definitely win over a new boyfriend any day,” he continued.” I totally think women and small dogs make beautiful music together, but for a man the dog should be bigger than a lunchbox or else you risk looking 'unmanly',” he added.


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Scary Spider Links: (‘it may come as a surprise that a dozen or more species resident in the UK are capable of causing a significant or unpleasant bite . . .’: very alarming!!!) (‘Fear of spiders has a long history, around the time of Christ's birth parts of Abyssinia were abandoned by the whole population as a result of a 'plague of spiders'. Amongst primitive peoples fear of spiders occurs irregularly, while many African peoples exhibit a general far of large spiders . . .’) (Tarantula photo gallery) (‘An enormous spider web has been found at Lake Tawakoni State Park, Texas, US . . .’)



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