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Not Much Sex Please, We’re British ::

Reported by Olly @ Trackitdown on September 3, 2007

Men with low sex drives shouldn’t feel alone, the Metro newspaper suggested this week, in an article examining the prevalence of low libidos. The paper warned that lifestyle stress, smoking and ill health can all lead to impotence as well as drugs (‘cocaine in particular’, the paper warned.)

“We now know that the average person has sex between one and seven times a month but, on average, it’s about once a week,” said relationship expert Dr Petra Boynton, “We always imagine everyone else is having far more sex than us.”

The issue also popped up in the International Herald Tribune this week, in a report examining the constant discrepancies between’s men’s and women’s number of sexual partners with one recent British survey reporting men having 12.7 partners to women’s 6.5

“Some (of men’s sexual conquests) might be imaginary,” University of California Math professor Ronald Graham speculated, ”Maybe two are in the man’s mind and one really exists.”

Meanwhile in America, the Washington Post examined people who compulsively seek out anonymous sex in public places (often toilets) and suggested many are driven by a drug like craving.

Shawn Henderson from HIV Support Group D.C. Young Poz Socials described how many people meet through intricate foot tapping codes as well as establishing eye contact with a person walking towards you followed by the application of the ‘three-second rule’.

"Once you pass that person, you wait three seconds and turn,” he explained, “If they turn, you follow that person or you keep going your separate ways. Or you exchange numbers and make plans to meet later."



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